PRIMAL FEAR Vocalist Ralf Scheepers - "I Was Never Invited To Rehearse With JUDAS PRIEST"

February 6, 2012, 10 years ago

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Metal Kaoz's Dimitris Kontogeorgakos recently conduct a phone interview with PRIMAL FEAR's Ralf Scheepers, in which he comments on the rumors regarding Rob Halford's (JUDAS PRIEST) replacement. An excerpt follows:

Q: "I have one more question for you Ralf that has been in my mind for a long time; when Halford left Judas Priest, there were rumors that you would replace him. Is there any truth in those rumors?

A: "The truth is that I was in the singers’ list for Judas Priest, but, as you all know, Tim Owens made and it was a great decision for the band since he is a great singer. In the end, we were all happy since after all Primal Fear started then in 1997. I was never invited to rehearse with Priest (that was the next step) and the name of Tim came out of the blue, so they chose him. But you know, that’s life and I am also happy since I wouldn’t be for long with Judas Priest since Halford has returned, right?" (laughs)

Read the entire interview here.

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