Reminder: AT THE GATES Singer Tomas Lindberg To Guest On Streaming For Vengeance Today!

July 31, 2021, a month ago

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Reminder: AT THE GATES Singer Tomas Lindberg To Guest On Streaming For Vengeance Today!

Legendary At The Gates singer Tomas Lindberg is the next guest on BraveWords' Streaming For Vengeance today (Saturday, July 31st) at 3:33 PM EST. He talks about the band's world-wide chart-crashing new album, The Nightmare Of Being. You can watch/listen Streaming For Vengeance on our Facebook page or our YouTube channel. For more information about Streaming For Vengeance, visit this location.

The Nightmare Of Being has achieved the following chart positions worldwide:

Germany: #8
Austria: #18
Switzerland: #12
Sweden: #20
Sweden (Physical): #1
Sweden (Vinyl): #1
Sweden (Hardrock/Metal): #2
The Netherlands: #77
Belgium: #84
Finland: #21
Finland (Physical): #5
UK (Rock): #3
US (Current Hard Music Albums): #1
US (Current Rock Albums): #4
US (Current Album Sales): #14
US (Album Sales) - #28

Vocalist Tomas Lindberg Redant commented about the initial reaction to the release as follows: "Hey everyone! We’re so happy and humbled by the fantastic response to our new album The Nightmare Of Being! We have never experienced anything like this before... the reviews have been amazing and also the fantastic response from all of you. It is amazing to have such a genuinely curious and interested listener base! And, last but not least, we have gotten amazing chart position reports this last week, so thank you all very much for your amazing support. It means the world to us, especially in these days of isolation and no shows. It is also especially rewarding with this level of response, considering that The Nightmare Of Being is our most adventurous and challenging album to date. Thank you all again."

Order The Nightmare Of Being here.

The Nightmare Of Being tracklisting:

"Spectre Of Extinction"
"The Paradox"
"The Nightmare Of Being"
"Garden Of Cyrus"
"Touched By The White Hands Of Death"
"The Fall Into Time"
"Cult Of Salvation"
"The Abstract Enthroned"
"Cosmic Pessimism"
"Eternal Winter Of Reason"

The tracklisting for the live bonus:

"Red" (King Crimson cover, Live at Roadburn)
"The Scar" (Live at Roadburn)
"Koyaanisqatsi" (Philip Glass cover, Live at Roadburn)
"The Burning Darkness" (Live at Roadburn)
"Daggers Of Black Haze" (Live in Stockholm)
"Death and the Labyrinth" (Live in San Francisco)
"A Stare Bound In Stone" (Live in San Francisco)
"Heroes and Tombs" (Live in San Francisco)
"The Night Eternal" (Live in San Francisco)

“The Nightmare Of Being” video:

“The Fall Into Time” video:

“The Paradox” video:

"Spectre Of Extinction" video:

At The Gates lineup:

Tomas Lindberg Redant - Vocals
Jonas Björler - Bass
Martin Larsson - Guitar
Jonas Stålhammar - Guitar
Adrian Erlandsson - Drums

(Photo - Ester Segarra)

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