ROSS THE BOSS - "I Was Kinda Fired From MANOWAR"

May 6, 2009, 14 years ago

hot flashes news manowar ross the boss recently caught up with ROSS THE BOSS (ex-MANOWAR) for the promotion of his upcoming concert in Greece. Here's an excerpt where Ross talks about his Manowar years and his memories from Orson Welles:

Q: I wanna ask you a question that I will ways wanted to ask to a Manowar member. How it was to work with Orson Welles?

A: "Oh yes, that was one of my crowning moments of my career, I would say. He was a legend growing up, the hottest starlet in Hollywood, he was such a genius. When we had the record contract we had the song ‘Dark Avenger’, that I wrote with Joey and we needed this voice just to make the song. The guy from our record company called his manager in Las Vegas and when he agreed we were like “What, he will do it?”. I have to tell you that we didn't expect to say yes, but it was really great. Then we sent him the text and the lyrics of ‘Dark Avenger’. I got to tell you, when he walked out from his limousine on 57 str. NYC, women with diamonds and coats were stopping and acting like teenage girls, with this guy. His voice was so powerful, we gave him the text and he loved it! He was a really good guy. He gave his voice for ‘Dark Avenger’ and ‘Defender’. He did actually introduce the band which use it until today. He was unbelievable, this guy was like from another planet."

Q: So, the years passed, Kings Of Metal released and you left the band?

A: "Actually I was kinda fired. Joey wanted just to say that I wanted to play blues music. But this is not the truth...'

Q: Did you have something like a fight before Joey fired you?

A: No, we were disagreeing about things for the band. It was like a marriage that didn't go well and we had to get divorced. Joey felt that Manowar would be better without me. Ahhhh, I don't think that, but who knows?"

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