RUSH - Fantoons Celebrate GEDDY LEE With Return Of "Major Lee Bassball" T-Shirt

July 9, 2024, a week ago

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RUSH - Fantoons Celebrate GEDDY LEE With Return Of "Major Lee Bassball" T-Shirt

Fantoons has announced the return of the "Major Lee Bassball" t-shirt.

A message states: "That’s right! Our favourite Canadian “bassball” player is back in glorious T-shirt form! Equip yourself with our bestselling Major Lee Bassball T-shirt and celebrate Rush’s Geddy Lee, baseball, Geddy Lee’s love of basses and baseball, and your love for Geddy Lee! 100% cotton and 2112% Rush!

Pre-order today to get yours before baseball season is over! Luckily, Rush season is all year (in our humble opinion.)"

Order here.

In other Rush related news, Henderson Brewing Company recently introduced the new beer, Big Al’s Birdie Brew.

"Alex Lifeson was having a beer after a round of golf and thought to himself, ‘I bet the guys at Henderson could make a great golf beer!’ And so the ball started rolling on 'Big Al’s Birdie Brew' - a perfect summer lager made for summer days spent with friends. Al was so eager to get a taste that he dropped by on canning day and ‘played through’ a challenging lie - check out the video below, and check out the beer!"

Big Al's Birdie Brew
Mexican-style Lager
4.0% ABV

Nothing takes the sting out of a missed two-footer like a cold one on the 19th hole. This 4% Mexican-style Lager refreshes like no other and is great on its own or with a wedge of lime.

Shop Big Al’s Birdie Brew here.

Also available is the Big Al’s Birdie Brew merch collection, including 'Big Al's' Pint Glass, 'Big Al's' Golf Hat, and Golf Balls. Shop the collection here.

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