SALLY STEELE - Vintage ‘80s Recordings From Video Vixen Finally See Worldwide Release

August 25, 2022, a year ago

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SALLY STEELE - Vintage ‘80s Recordings From Video Vixen Finally See Worldwide Release

With her teased-up blonde hair and supermodel looks, it’s no surprise that Sally Steele found herself cast in music videos by the likes of Loverboy, Eric Carmen, Bruce Willis and others. But her true passion was always in music creation and so, in 1986, she put a band together and started performing shows in the musical mecca of Hollywood’s Sunset Strip.

Soon she crossed paths with mega producer Paul Sabu (Heart, John Waite, Glass Tiger and more) who helped Steele bring two of her songs to life, “Too Bad (It Had To Be You)” and “Leave My Heart Alone. A music video was filmed for the latter and premiered on MTV’s Basement Tapes show in 1988. Watch below.

After some personnel changes, Steele’s band soldiered on with more songs and recordings. They became regulars at The Coconut Teaser, FM Station, Madame Wong’s and The Whisky. However, as the music scene began to change in the early ‘90s Steele decided it was best to hang up her guitar - but she never lost her true passion.

As Steele puts it, “It was back when the Seattle grunge scene had replaced the music I loved from the ‘80s and I was told my music was ‘too commercial.’ But here we are today and I am so excited to finally get my material out to the world. I hope you enjoy my songs from the 1980s. And one thing that has never changed is - I still live and breathe rock n’ roll 24 hours a day!”

Stream/download the album here.


"Alone In Love"
"I Never Cry"
"The Only One"
"Leave My Heart Alone"
"Too Bad (It Had To Be You)"
"Sold On You"

"Leave My Heart Alone" video:

"Alone In Love" video:

Watch Sally Steele carried off in a straight-jacket at the FM Station in 1989:

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