SEPULTURA Drummer Igor Cavalera: “I Need This Time For Me”

January 24, 2006, 16 years ago

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SEPULTURA drummer Igor Cavalera has posted the following message at the band’s website (

“There are a lot of comments about me leaving the band, so I thought it would be better to explain to the fans exactly what is going on and why I am not going to Europe.

The reason why I am not doing the European dates is because I wanna be with my family and specially with my newborn son Antonio.

But, at the same time we decided that it would hurt a lot the release of the album not to do any dates, so we agreed to call a step drummer to do those dates.

I also would like to explain to our fans that I'm not leaving Sepultura, it's just that I need this time for me, and I hope the guys have a great tour."

Sepultura goes to Europe in March where they will tour to promote the release of the new album Dante XXI.

Igor Cavalera is not doing that tour. Roy Mayorga (ex-SOULFLY) will be in charge of the drums for those shows only.

Sepultura's new album, Dante XXI, is out in North America on March 14th through SPV.

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