SKYLESS AEONS Sign To CDN Records For Drain The Sun Album

September 15, 2020, a year ago

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SKYLESS AEONS Sign To CDN Records For Drain The Sun Album

Canada’s Skyless Aeons have announced they have signed with CDN Records for the release of their new album Drain The Sun on October 2, 2020. The band was already in motion to unleash the album independently, with two singles recently discharged in promotion of it.

The band comments:

“We are very excited to be working with CDN and to be on a roster alongside some of the sickest and nastiest bands from our area and beyond. They’ve been in business since the 90s and we know their old school approach of going through the underground is the perfect way to get our strange music in the ears of those who will truly appreciate it”

A unique blend of extreme metal styles come forth on the album “Drain the Sun”, which is loosely intended to be a concept album, with a much darker, more focused and tense sound than fans will expect. The title is a metaphor: “the sun” refers to whatever it is that gives us life, light, purpose, structure, or pleasure. In countless forms, humans have a habit of taking something that is good for us and abusing it until it literally destroys us. The band explains this further:

“Even if you’re aware of it happening (and a lot of us are), the machinations of society and the bleak reality of everyday living force us towards the sun in order to cope. Everyone has their sun - that thing that makes life bearable and worth living - and everyone will drain their sun until it cannot provide any more energy, collapses in on us and we are sent hurtling into the abyss. This album is our artistic interpretation of both where we’re at and a terrible warning of what we’re headed towards.”

This new album adds more progressive, technical, and yet somehow more deliberate and doomy influences simultaneously, leading to a more progressive death metal sound.

Preorders available here.


“Ascension Towards Nothing”
“A Consciousness Decays”
“Go Fort And Multiply”
“The Age Of Regression”
“Dimensional Entrapment”
“Path Of Desolation”
“Drain The Sun”

“Go Forth And Multiply”:

“Dimensional Entrapment”:

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