SPOCK'S BEARD - Recording Sessions For New Album Underway, Early Fall Release Planned

May 21, 2006, 15 years ago

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SPOCK'S BEARD recently completed their latest U.S. tour. Bassist Dave Meros has posted the following update at the band's official website:

"Hi Everybody,

We made it home in one piece! We want to thank every one of you that showed up at one or more of our shows...as well as the ones who couldn't make a show but still provided encouragement through the message board. Bottom line: Despite the insane tour schedule and all the little problems, there were no major disasters and we had a great time playing for you. We appreciate all the support. You guys are the best. At shows there are always some of you ready to jump in and help if needed.

The message board is another one of the things that proves that. It's almost always positive, thoughtful and inspiring. .. even the criticism is usually well thought out and good spirited. I'm sure you know, many forums and message boards are not like this one. In stark contrast, my previous band's message board became so overwhelmed by negativity, ignorance and rude comments that they actually had to just take the whole thing offline!! So hats off to you guys for your intelligence, tolerance and sense of humor. We're lucky to have you.

So... demos to a lot of new songs are mostly done and our first recording sessions begin Sunday for a new CD. In fact, we're going into rehearsal on Friday (19th). We'll probably do a couple separate sessions because of the usual scheduling conflicts, but we'll have a big portion of the basic tracks done by this time next week.

Then, lots of layering and adding parts, mixing, mastering, etc. We're looking to be finished by the end of June or beginning of July, which will give us an early fall release. OK, I've said it! Now we're committed! ;-)

There is some great material to work with, and we're all really excited about this new CD. We've learned a lot from Feel Euphoria and Octane, and I think this new CD is going to show that. I won't say anything else about the material since you never know what will make the CD and what will wind up on the cutting room floor. But I really like all the material that's on the table at this point and I think it's going to make a really strong CD.

Thanks again for making this tour really fun, and we'll see you again next time!"


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