STEVE VAI - Auction For Original Ibanez Jem VAI2K DNA Guitar Up And Running

September 7, 2006, 15 years ago

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As previously reported, guitarist Steve Vai is auctioning his original Ibanez Jem VAI2K DNA guitar, and all proceeds will go to help his friend Cliff Cultreri. Cultreri is currently suffering from a host of Auto-Immune and Connective-Tissue disorders that are attacking his immune system, a one in 100 million occurrence that causes severe pain and physical problems. Vai hopes to raise funds through the sale of this guitar to help Cultreri and his family’s financial needs.

The auction kicked off on Thursday, September 7th at 6:30pm PST and will run until 6:30pm PST on Sunday, September 17th. Go to this location to take part in the auction.

According to Vai's oficial website this is his only Jem DNA guitar. It is the same one photographed in the Ibanez catalog, and the one that has spent some time in the Hollywood Guitar Center RockWalk Museum. It is one of only 300 world wide and is in excellent near-mint condition.

Vai has issued the following statement:

"I received two DNA guitars for my personal collection. One was stolen from my studio, and I used the other in some recordings for a while and then let it live at Guitar Center Hollywood for their display for years. In an attempt to raise money for a sick friend who has made tremendous contributions to the music industry and actually gave me my start by releasing Flex-Able, Passion and Warfare, Sex And Religion and Alien Love Secrets, the guitar is being auctioned off and 100% of the income will go to his support. If one of these guitars pop up in a hundred years from now and they scrape the DNA to make a Steve Vai clone, perhaps that guy can get his music on the radio."

Vai most recently used this guitar extensively during rehearsals for the Zappa Plays Zappa tour, but decided not to take it on the road where it may get damaged before the auction.

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