STEVE VAI Looks Back On Childhood In New Interview - "It's Believed That I Perhaps Died Before I Was Born"

December 21, 2020, a year ago

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STEVE VAI Looks Back On Childhood In New Interview - "It's Believed That I Perhaps Died Before I Was Born"

Guitar legend Steve Vai has checked in with a new update:

"I had a great time with DMX Brasil: Digital Music Experience. I was asked to talk about my early life, and here’s a clip of my interview."

The complete interview is also available below. The Vai segment begins at the 2:50 mark.

Vai recently issued the following festive message:  

"Take a moment this holiday season and count your blessings from 2020. The knee-jerk reaction will be to conjure up all the things that were wrong about 2020. All those challenges, all those restrictions, compromises, isolations, etc. etc. But through this year there was something else happening in your life that can be seen by re-adjusting your view. And the best way to readjust your view of the past and secure an abundant future is to count your blessings. Actually write them down and feel them with appreciation. This works like real magic in the world when it comes to transforming your perspective of your whole life, what you are here for, and how the others are you in disguise."

"There were many things, many many even simple little things that you can count as a blessing. All you need is one, and then just focus on it and your mind will be flooded with many others. Only focus on your blessings and let any other thoughts of hardships come and then go. What will happen is you will start to see those 'hardships' in a different way. You will start to see how those events served you in ways that made them necessary. You will not see this unless you've been counting your blessings, then it will start to become obvious to you."

"When you can resonate with the blessings you wrote, you will feel overwhelmed with appreciation. This vibration of appreciation is a similar vibration to the emotion of the feeling of abundance. When you embrace the feeling of the abundance that is surrounding you, and the abundance of blessings you actually have in your life, the world you see and interact with will change. There's no debating this. If it doesn't change, that means your perspective of reality has not changed. But once it does, you will know it because you will feel it."

"In a situation of great loss, such as the passing of a loved one this year, the emotional state that the practice of appreciation and the counting of blessings puts a person in can allow them to see the divine shining through the loss. One way this happens is when the feeling of appreciation for having that person in your life is the main focus. It's a practice, but it works in taking the edge off the loss and transforming it into something else."

"When you navigate through your life in a state of appreciation for all your blessings, you can only receive more and greater blessings. When you realize that your fellow man is your partner, every one of them, in the evolution of your creative contributions, and that you are the same for them, your level of joy in your life can become overwhelming."

"Doing this will also usher in a spectacular 2021. All this I wish for you. I appreciate you."

(Photo courtesy of Steve Vai's Facebook page)

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