STEVE VAI Teasing New Music For September 13th Release

August 19, 2019, a year ago

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STEVE VAI Teasing New Music For September 13th Release

Guitar legend Steve Vai is teasing his fans once again with a new release slated for September 13th. See below.

Vai recently checked in with the following update:

"Hey Folks, I had the wonderful pleasure of contributing some crazy guitar parts to Jacob Collier's new CD, Djesse Vol. 2, which is out now! I play on the track 'Do You Feel Love' and as expected, Jacob delivers in the biggest of ways. He is an explosion of freedom. Check it out."

Back in 2017, Vai posted the following comments on Collier's work:

"I recently attended a Jacob Collier show at the El Rey Theater in LA and I can say that I have NEVER been so blown away by a performance in my life. Inspired music flows effortlessly through this young man and it felt as though I was witnessing a paradigm shift in music history.

I believe he is an 'Indigo' child. These are people who are born with an evolved sense of creativity in a particular field and foster the evolution of consciousness and creativity on the planet. They seem to have a direct shot to their unique and powerful creativity. It was obvious by watching Jacob that everything he did seemed easy, fun and filled with intense life and was incredibly rich and moving. He was completely present at all times.

I would not say he performs emotionally. Instead he is connected. He’s connected to the free flowing creative impulse of the Universe itself in his now. That’s much deeper than performing 'emotionally.' After the concert I just felt grateful to be alive to have seen it, that’s how rewarding it was. And I believe he will inspire many people to find their own inner free flowing creative genius and it will be quite wonderful to watch the paradigm shift unfold.

Watching him perform so deeply connected and so effortlessly musically and playfully overflowing with joy that it gave me the feeling of a creative liberation that resides in all of us. He really is something else."

Fast forward to December 2018 and Vai issued the following with regards to Collier:

"Hey Folks, Steve here. I would like to point you to some vids and tracks of Jacob Collier's new creations from his current work, Djesse. This young man is perhaps the most gifted musician I have ever encountered. His work is inspired, passionate and deeply joyful. Check out this video and track for 'With the Love in My Heart'. I actually sing a little background vox on this track. And this track 'Ocean Wide, Canyon Deep'… just sublime. Enjoy."

Photo by Larry DiMarzio

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