TARJA TURUNEN - Husband Answers Fans' Questions Regarding Split With NIGHTWISH

June 8, 2006, 16 years ago

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The following message from Marcelo Cabuli, husband of former NIGHTWISH vocalist Tarja Turunen, has been posted at Turunen's official website:

"Dear Fans of Nightwish and Tarja:

I would like to start these lines thanking all of you for sending several hundreds of emails from many countries with more than thousand questions.

It took a very long time to read them all and to select them according to their subjects. As you can imagine, many questions were very similar, and the selection was in order not to repeat the subjects of the questions. I believe that I didn't leave any subject from your questions without reply.

I wrote nearly 100 pages and replied more than 150 questions.

It took much longer than I thought to reply them. Thanks for your patience.

Most of the questions had also your personal comments and opinions that I appreciate and that I have decided to keep just for me.

I have been asked about things that have nothing to do with Nightwish or Tarja. I did promise to answer your questions without conditions, but I meant only about Nightwish, Tarja and subjects related.

I need to admit a mistake when asking your ID together with your complete name. In fact, many of you sent your ID, but I realized too late that in some countries the ID is some reserved information not to be disclosed. In the end, I decided to answer even the emails sent without ID.

I am posting the answers only in English. Even though is not my mother tongue and for sure you'll find grammar mistakes in what I wrote, I think that is better to use the international language rather than use a translation that might change the intention behind my words.

This text before my answers was the last text to be written. At the moment I am aware that Nightwish book has been published in Finland as well as End Of An Era DVD and CD.

I am only replying your questions sent until 1st of March and I have replied most of them before the book was published and the DVD was released.

Before I start replying your questions, there are few things I would like to mention.

It was a very hard decision to offer you the possibility to send me your questions. It was the best way I found to be able to express my opinion about some things. Some of you understood that I am answering in Tarja's name, but I am only doing it in my own name.

Not necessarily my opinions are similar to Tarja's opinions about things.

I know that there are many people willing not to hear about the band's problems any more.

I also received many requests to clarify the situation around many of the things mentioned in the open letter the band uploaded in internet as well as many other things commented to the media in general and in Finnish media in particular.

I thought that by offering the chance only to the fans to ask their questions and to express their doubts, I would give reply to the people that is really interested to know. Also, by doing it this way, I expect not to disturb the ones that are not interested.

For that ones, I need to apologize anyway, but I honestly feel I was pushed to do this. Is in your hands if you'll read my answers or not.

My decision to do things this way was based in the fact that the amount of people willing to know was much bigger than the others.

If you decide to go ahead, it will be very important that you read all the answers in order to get a real picture of the whole situation. Many times questions needed extended answers that touch different subjects. I tried as much as possible not to repeat myself unless it was impossible to avoid.

Tuomas (Holopainen) expressed his opinion about some things. He did the way he understands and sees things with the information he has. This doesn't mean he is wrong and I am right.

The truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth: who can say it knows the truth when a true is only in accordance with facts and reality? Can any of the band members say that they handled all the facts and the state of things the way they actually existed?

Tuomas expressed already his opinions that I respect, but that I don't share. Unfortunately, most of the things that you have read or heard didn't come from Tarja's or my voice.

There have been mistakes from both sides. I am sure that most of them could have been avoided. It has been very hard to succeed when it was no possibility to speak things openly.

Most of you have asked about Tarja's future plans including her solo album and touring dates. There will be lot of information given about these, but I don't feel these pages are the right place to do it.

After these words, I wish the band the best. I also hope they have the wisdom to find promotion through other ways than mentioning Tarja or me in the future. Knowing their music, I am sure they do not need that.

For the people outside of the band, but involved with them: just let them be. If you are not trained and experienced in something don't pretend to be. Don't give the band wrong advices. Even worse, don't make them public. Share your thoughts just with your friends and relatives what will cause less troubles and pain for everybody. Let the artists be in the media as a part of the life they have chosen as artists. Your opinion, like mine, is irrelevant and your silence will be more than welcome too.

Before you'll find my answers to your questions, I thought that was appropriated that Tarja herself replies the first one.

With best regards,


The answers to all 157 questions are available at this location.

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