TEMTRIS Announce New Studio Album, Ritual Warfare

March 4, 2021, 2 months ago

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TEMTRIS Announce New Studio Album, Ritual Warfare

In June 2020, Temtris released the powerful single and filmclip “Forever” as a taste of what was to come from their sixth studio album, Ritual Warfare, that will be released through Wormholedeath Records. 

Ritual Warfare features the outstanding musicianship and songwriting skills that Temtris deliver on every album. Eight blazing tracks, lasting over 45 minutes, full of catchy riffs and choruses, dynamic and dominant rhythm sections, and powerful vocals set this band apart from any other.

With its Aztec themed artwork by Eko Gruffyanto, Ritual Warfare is the complete heavy metal indulgence and is a must for any music fan of power, thrash and traditional metal.

A band statement reads: "Temtris is thrilled to release Ritual Warfare on Wormholedeath Records in late April 2021. We have worked hard to bring our fans another album of eight powerful and catchy tracks that will leave our fans hungry for the live show experience. We cannot wait to tour this album across the states of Australia and hopefully head back to New Zealand, and if possible tour Japan to support the special Limited Edition Japanese release once the Covid restrictions on overseas travel are reduced. The Temtris crew is very keen to join the festival circuit also and bring our new music to our fans from all around the world. We want to thank our Metal family for their ongoing support and hope to see you all at a show soon."

Ritual Warfare artwork and tracklisting:

"Race To The End" 
"One For All" 
"Seven Sins Of Man" 
"Ritual Warfare" 
"Tempus Aeturnum" 
"Always United"


Album Teaser:

(Photo by MickG Photograpy and ISR Photography)


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KILL RITUAL - “Thy Will Be Done”

KILL RITUAL - “Thy Will Be Done”

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