TESSERACT Vocalist Talks Working On New Music, Back Catalogue Of Demos Spanning "Six Or Seven Hours"

July 7, 2019, a year ago

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TESSERACT Vocalist Talks Working On New Music, Back Catalogue Of Demos Spanning "Six Or Seven Hours"

Billy Reeves at the Kscope Podcast recently spoke with TesseracT vocalist Daniel Tompkins about his new solo album, getting out of his comfort zone, and TesseracT's plans for the next year. Check out the interview below.

Tompkins: "We need to write the next record. Then, hopefully, we're going to be back out on tour towards the end of the year, possibly in America. So yeah, it's looking very busy for us - we're already demoing new songs. Tesseract has a back catalogue of demos in span of six-seven hours. That sounds quite ironic because a lot of people view the last album as being quite short. The problem is that it takes us a long time to piece together the jigsaw."

TesseracT released their latest studio album, Sonder, back in April 2018 via Kscope. A video for the album track "Juno" can be found below.

Sonder adds significant firepower to the band's arsenal, blending the harsh abrasiveness of One (2011) and progressive ethereal elements of Altered State (2013) with the accessibility of Polaris (2015). Sonder is streamlined, honest, and direct, with all the trademark TesseracT dreamy atmospherics and bending grooves. Sonder was recorded in the UK at 4D Sounds, Celestial Sounds and Project Studios, and engineered by the band and Aiden O'Brien, with mastering by Acle Kahney and cover artwork designed by Amos Williams.

For audiophiles, TesseracT produced a binaural version, available exclusively as part of the 2-CD version. This version is a 360-listening experience designed by Klang: Fabrik for headphones listening.

Bassist Amos Williams explains, "The concept is to push past the restrictions of a stereo headphone mix and create an accurate '3D' space in which positioning outside of the normal Left Right axis can occur. This is something that every artist that uses in ear monitors on stage wishes to recreate; the real and accurate positioning of instruments. We immediately felt that this technology could be applicable to us in the studio. TesseracT loves to bring what it does in the studio to the stage, but this time it's experimenting with bringing a live element to the studio."

Sonder tracklisting:

"Beneath My Skin"
"Mirror Image"
"The Arrow"

"Juno" video:

"King" video:


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