THE AMENTA Disclose Video For "An Epoch Ellipsis"

January 21, 2021, a month ago

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THE AMENTA Disclose Video For "An Epoch Ellipsis"

One week ago, "An Epoch Ellipsis", the second single of The Amenta's forthcoming album Revelator, was unveiled. Now, Debemur Morti Productions presents a sinister and horror-esk video clip for the composition. The black and white visual components of The Amenta's art complete the nasty and unrelenting, yet often complex sonic approach. Together, the moving pictures and the aural attack form a tantalizing unity.

In contrast to the video clip for the first single "Sere Money", The Amenta decided to craft moving pictures in black and white for "An Epoch Ellipsis". This has a reason, as composer and keyboard player Timothy Pope explains elaborately:

"The black and white style for this film clip seemed to suit the track well, which is a much nastier affair than the last single ‘Sere Money’. Where that clip was a multi-coloured fever dream, this time we wanted to show something that was a bit darker and grimier, and the black and white style seemed the perfect way to show this while differentiating the two clips.

The last clip was filmed by our vocalist, Cain Cressall, in Perth where COVID was less of a concern and he was able to bring together a larger crew and cast. This time, we filmed in all the home states of the band and we were forced to be a lot more economical with our production as we had recently had some resurgence of the virus and couldn’t get out as much, but I don’t think that held us back. All it did was force us to dig into our subconscious to pull out images that are perhaps simpler, but effective on a gut level."

Taking a closer look at the perfomance of frontman Cain in this video clip, one cannot help but notice that some similarities to the rite of crucifixion exist:

"Cain’s shots were inspired by religious iconography, particularly Catholic images of the crucifixion, as they speak to even the irreligious on a primal level. I think that may be mixed in with some inspiration for films like Begotten and Andres Serrano’s Piss Christ images. All that inspiration goes into our brains and gets spewed out, alchemically changed as something new. When we are talking about imagery and themes, especially this time around, we’re less interested in what they mean, more interested in how the 'feel'. If the juxtaposition of images feels true in some primal sense then the meaning is inherent, even if it isn’t clear. Which is a fancy way of saying that the imagery is there to spark interest and confusion in equal measure. To shoot Cain’s parts, we once again worked with Garth Hurley (who also edited the film clip) who shot and directed the ‘Sere Money’ clip as well. Cain and Garth created a pool filled with blackened water. I don’t know what substance they used to blacken the water. Considering Cain’s predilection for maggots and rot, I’m too afraid to ask. The room was blacked out with black plastic, as all our shots were, and Cain tried to sing while drowning himself in the black pool," narrates Timothy Pope about the genesis of the clip.

Revelator will be released on CD, vinyl, tape and digitally on February 19th. Pre-orders can be placed now in both the band's EU shop and US shop.

Recorded by the band and mixed by guitarist Erik Miehs, Revelator is the most openly organic and crushing the band has sounded to date. Mastering has been meticulously crafted by Maor Applebaum (Faith No More, Sepultura) and the album features artwork by the legendary Metastazis (Morbid Angel, Behemoth). Graced with an incisively dynamic pummeling from drummer-extraordinaire David Haley (Psycroptic, Pestilence) and an avowedly contemporary, genre-defying performance from vocalist Cain Cressall, Revelator sees a band always dead-set on boundary-pushing reveling in a fresh sense of renewal as they combine harrowing concepts, inventively virtuous musicianship and immediate song craft into the landmark record of a lauded career.


"An Epoch Ellipsis"
"Sere Money"
"Silent Twin"
"Twined Towers"
"Parasight Lost"
"Parse Over"

"Sere Money":


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