THE IRON MAIDENS - Derek Riggs Cover Art Preview For Full Length Tribute Revealed

March 24, 2005, 16 years ago

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IRON MAIDEN fan site has issued the following report on the forthcoming album from tribute band THE IRON MAIDENS:

“It's the first time a tribute band is releasing a full-length tribute album by a single band. Gone to pressing on March 19, it will arrive on April 8!

As already stated by Maidenfans, the CD features the artwork from ex-Maiden designer Derek Riggs. As explains Steph Harris, the band's bassist: "[There] was a drawing dubbed "Charlotte" done by a friend who has also done artwork for comic books and for the band Pantera. The artwork was pro and we got a really good deal because we are friends with the artist.... but... after considering all the fuss everyone makes about Riggs, we decided we couldn't very well have anyone else do the artwork for our CD... even if it meant we had to spend extra.

So... Riggs it is."

Here you can see a first partial preview of the album, reminiscent of the first Iron Maiden albums' drawings, but clearly done on computer this time.

The album will be sold at every live show from the band (as from the Washington and Oregon April dates) and also on their website, since the band has no distribution network to rely on, even if Nikki McBurrain, the band's drummer, says that it would be an "extreme bonus if something like that would come to be".

A new line of merchandise will also be available.

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