THE ROLLING STONES - Massive Memorabilia + Vinyl Collection Acquired By Rockaway Records

May 15, 2023, 6 months ago

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THE ROLLING STONES - Massive Memorabilia + Vinyl Collection Acquired By Rockaway Records

As The Rolling Stones continue to celebrate their 60th anniversary, renowned Los Angeles landmark Rockaway Records has acquired an extensive collection of Rolling Stones vinyl and memorabilia with over 10,000 items including rare LPs & 45s, vintage t-shirts from 1973-1983, dozens of concert posters from 1969-1978, promotional items and more. Major highlights include a copy of “Beast Of Burden,” the 2nd rarest Rolling Stones picture sleeve 45 and a 1977 promotional hanging display designed by Andy Warhol.

The collection comes from late longtime fan, collector, and famous skateboarder Brad “Squeak” Blanck, a well-known and beloved figure in The Rolling Stones community. For more information, please visit or call 323-664-3232 to set up an appointment.

This collection is already attracting buyers including Black Crowes frontman Chris Robinson, who purchased a rare set of 1978 UK promo posters for Some Girls.

“We have bought many amazing collections over the past 45 years, but this is definitely the most exciting one in a long time! Some of the highlights are a 1967 Satanic Majesties lenticular that is different from the one on the album cover, 1970s t-shirts that look like new, and a 1977 promotional display for Love You Live that was designed by Andy Warhol.” – Wayne Johnson, Rockaway Records.

Following the success of Creedence Clearwater Revival, The Beatles and 1970s punk collections, Rockaway continues to be the premiere destination for collectors who seek unique, hard to find pieces of music memorabilia from their favorite artists.

While many independent record stores and chains in Los Angeles shut their doors years ago, Rockaway Records remained open and shifted their focus to high-end vinyl and collectibles. Co-founders and brothers Wayne and Gary Johnson started aggressively acquiring extensive record industry and personal collections of vinyl, posters, autographs, and other rarities. Expert appraisers of music and music memorabilia, the brothers Johnson have traveled the world buying and selling some of the most highly sought-after music collectibles.

Rockaway is known throughout the world for its honesty and expertise, and in turn sellers are paid the highest possible value for their goods. Rockaway competes with the larger auction houses and often gets much higher returns on music-related items because of their extensive knowledge of the marketplace due to their 45 years of unparalleled experience in the music industry.

Wayne and Gary began selling records in 1979 after attending the legendary record swap meet at the Capitol Records parking lot in Hollywood. What began as a hobby 45 years ago quickly evolved to become the world-renowned business it is today.

To make an appointment, please call 323-664-3232 or e-mail

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