THE UNDEAD - 12 Hits From Hell Available For Streaming: "An Homage To One Of The Best Songwriters In Punk, GLENN DANZIG"

October 4, 2008, 13 years ago

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Below is the latest blog from THE UNDEAD's Bobby Steele announcing, among other things, the official vinyl release of the infamous 12 Hits Un-Covered album. It comes to BW&BK; courtesy of drummer/authour Joel Gausten:

"Due to popular demand, we're gonna give you another taste of THE UNDEAD's version of 12 Hits From Hell for the month of October. Go to and click on the streaming music player (right hand column).

As I mentioned last year, this is an homage to one of the best songwriters in punk, Glenn Danzig. A few years ago, in a Circus Magazine interview, he was asked about 12 Hits From Hell. He responded that the reason it was not released was because 'it wasn't really THE MISFITS' and went on to claim that I had faked that album.

Although 'another' Misfit likes to claim that he wrote the songs, I can vouch for Glenn. He must've written three songs every day when I was in the band; and at the end of the week, he'd pick the best one of the bunch and that's the one we'd do. Glenn's gotta have his own Library Of Congress section if he saved all those rejected songs – and those are probably better than half of what's coming out in horror punk these days.

So last year when we were working on some of the new Undead tracks, and drummer Joel Gausten was in the studio, it hit me – why not show'em what 12 Hits would've sounded like if I had faked it. Of course, the most obvious difference is gonna be the vocals. How Glenn could think that anyone would believe that I could sing in his rich baritone is beyond me, but I did pull off his melodies – which are some of the most difficult stretches of vocal range. Whereas it took 20+ years to complete The Misfits version, this one was done in less than a month.

Anyway, this was a lot of fun and, despite a bout with laryngitis, I still met my deadline.

There are plans currently in the works, to release a very limited edition (100 copies) of these tracks on No Balls Records - as a one sided LP, with some great artwork screened onto the B-side.

And, don't forget we're playing Halloween night at the Garden State Music Factory. Details are posted on our Myspace Profile page.

Now, It's back to work. I'll have plenty of good news in the coming months regarding releases."

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