Today In Metal History 🤘 March 17th, 2023 🤘 THIN LIZZY, VIXEN, LOVE/HATE, VAN HALEN, OBITUARY

March 17, 2023, a week ago

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Today In Metal History 🤘 March 17th, 2023 🤘 THIN LIZZY, VIXEN, LOVE/HATE, VAN HALEN, OBITUARY


Happy 72nd  
Scott Gorham (BLACK STAR RIDERS, THIN LIZZY) - March 17th, 1951

Happy 65th  
Jizzy Pearl (LOVE/HATE, L.A. GUNS) - March 17th, 1958

Happy 64th  
Paul Mars Black (L.A. GUNS) - March 17, 1959

Happy 61st 
Roxanne “Roxy” Dora Petrucci (VIXEN) - March 17th, 1962


Happy 44th  
BAD COMPANY’s Desolation Angels - March 17th, 1979

Happy 33rd  
OZZY OSBOURNE’s Just Say Ozzy - March 17th, 1990

Happy 31st  
TWISTED SISTER’s Big Hits And Nasty Cuts - March 17th 1992

Happy 25th  
VAN HALEN's Van Halen III - March 17th, 1998 

Happy 14th  
BELIEVER’s Gabriel - March 17th, 2009
KYLESA’s Static Tensions - March 17th, 2009
STATIC-X’ Cult Of Static - March 17th, 2009

Happy 9th  
GUS G’s I Am The Fire – March 17th, 2014

Happy 8th  
MOONSPELL’s Extinct – March 17th, 2015

Happy 6th
THE CHARM THE FURY's The Sick, Dumb & Happy - March 17th, 2017
DEAD NEANDERTHALS' Craters - March 17th, 2017
FIT FOR AN AUTOPSY's The Great Collapse - March 17th, 2017
KING OF ASGARD's Tauder (EP) - March 17th, 2017
OBITUARY’s Obituary - March 17th, 2017
THE RAVEN AGE's Darkness Will Rise - March 17th, 2017
RIGHTEOUS VENDETTA's Cursed - March 17th, 2017
SAILLE's Gnosis - March 17th, 2017
VANGOUGH's Warpaint - March 17th, 2017
WOE's Hope Attrition - March 17th, 2017

Obituary drummer Donald Tardy talks to BraveWords about their self-titled 2017 album:
“‘Brave’ is one of the fastest-paced songs we've ever written. We don't ever do anything super on purpose or contrived, but we figured we wanted to play that fast of a tempo, non-fucking stop. And when we are done with that, I'm not even going to attempt to play it live, because it's going to kill my 47-year-old ass. And then ‘Sentence Day’, right after it, is the epitome of what I grew up with when I was young. Even though I'm a drummer, I would grab a broom stick and I would play that solo like a motherfucker, standing on my Mom’s bed. You know what I mean? Full-on, that is Metallica 101, ‘Hit The Lights’. It’s what brought me back to wanting to be in a band. And when we wrote it, I remember telling Ken (guitarist Kenny Andrews), because he was practicing some solos; just picture the way Kill ‘Em All started. And how the beginning starts, and when they kick into that first fucking solo. I asked him, ‘do you have something like that in your pocket?’ He’s like dude, ‘I have that all day. It needs it, but I don't want people to think we are ripping Metallica off.’ I said, ‘dude, ripping off is not a bad thing. Rock 'n' roll has been written for 50 years now and we are ripping each other off left and right. We are ripping off Obituary songs and we don’t mean to. When the song calls for it and it’s screaming to us, just do it and be proud of it.’ And he fucking went for it and I remember him texting me because he was doing it on the road. And he’s like, ‘dude, dude, dude, I'm sending it over now, you have to drop it into the ProTools and check it out.’ My jaw hit the ground. I had my hands in the air in the studio and I had goose bumps. It's what was needed.”

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OVERKILL – “The Surgeon” (Nuclear Blast)

OVERKILL – “The Surgeon” (Nuclear Blast)

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