Today In Metal History 🤘 October 24th, 2021🤘 RUSH, KROKUS, STRYPER, SAVATAGE, OVERKILL

October 24, 2021, a month ago

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Today In Metal History 🤘 October 24th, 2021🤘 RUSH, KROKUS, STRYPER, SAVATAGE, OVERKILL


Happy 85th
William “Bill” George Wyman (THE ROLLING STONES, BILL WYMAN'S RHYTHM KINGS) - October 24th, 1936

Happy 70th
Christoph "Chris" von Rohr (KROKUS) - October 24th, 1951

Happy 77th
Ted Templeman (VAN HALEN, MONTROSE, THE DOOBIE BROTHERS producer) - October 24th, 1942


Happy 43rd
RUSH's Hemispheres - October 24th, 1978

Happy 41st
CHEAP TRICK’s All Shook Up - October 24, 1980

Happy 35th
STRYPER's To Hell With The Devil - October 24th, 1986

Happy 26th
ANTHRAX' Stomp 442 - October 24th, 1995
SAVATAGE’s Dead Winter Dead - October 24th, 1995

Happy 21st
SIX FEET UNDER's Graveyard Classics - October 24th, 2000
MEGADETH’s Capitol Punishment: The Megadeth Years – October 24th, 2000
OVERKILL’s Bloodletting – October 24th, 2000

Happy 15th
PAUL STANLEY’s Live To Win - October 24th, 2006

SKID ROW’s Revolutions Per Minute - October 24th, 2006
BETO VASQUEZ INFINITY's Flying Towards The New Horizon - October 24th, 2006

Happy 12th
TO-MERA's Earthbound - October 24th, 2009

Happy 16th
STREAM OF PASSION's Embrace The Storm - October 24th, 2005

Happy 10th Birthday
CRADLE OF FILTH’s Evermore Darkly - October 24th, 2011
1349's Hellvetia Fire’s The Official 1349 Bootleg - October 24th, 2011
MARTYR LUCIFER's Farewell To Graveland - October 24th, 2011
ORPHANED LAND's The Road To OR-Shalem - October 24th, 2011

Happy 8th Birthday
ANGRA’s Best Reached Horizons – October 24th, 2013

Happy 7th Birthday
KINGFISHER SKY’s Arms Of Morpheus – October 24th, 2014
LIV KRISTINE’s Vervain – October 24th, 2014

WHILE HEAVEN WEPT’s Deus Ex Machina – October 24th, 2014

Happy 1st
INFECTIOUS GROOVES’ Take U On A Ride (EP) - October 24th, 2020

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HYPOCRISY – “Children Of The Gray” (Nuclear Blast)

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