TORTURE OF HYPOCRISY Share "Tech-Addict" From New Album, Humanufacture

September 6, 2021, 2 years ago

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TORTURE OF HYPOCRISY Share "Tech-Addict" From New Album, Humanufacture

On October 1st, Polish industrial groove metal band Torture Of Hypocrisy will release their fourth studio album, Humanufacture.

The release spotlights the band's ultra-modern style and sound, with emphasis on 7-string guitars, groove drumming, concrete bass, challenging growls and screams, and a strong vibe of electronic ambience inspired by video games such as Deus Ex or Cyberpunk. The conceptual layer showcases a metaphorical picture of recreating and reprogramming a human entity in modern society - human which turned to be a battery for GDP fed by fake news and social programs.

The record features also the unique, almost 10 minute long, self-proclaimed industrial masterpiece, "Body Parts Reproduction Facility”. Humanufacture is the new quality in industrial metal, redesigned to be based on atmosphere, heaviness, severity and interesting composition, instead of techno-like music played by countless bands in this genre. 


"Synthetic Entity"
"Homo Globalis"
"GDP Serfdom"
"Social Credit System"
"Info Wars"
"A Miracle Of Life"
"Body Parts Reproduction Facility"
"Mass Murder Mechanism"
"Deep State"



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