Ukraine’s SECTORIAL Streaming “Inhuman Ones” Video

November 6, 2018, 5 years ago

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Ukraine’s SECTORIAL Streaming “Inhuman Ones” Video

Ukraine's blackened death metallers Sectorial will be unleashing their third full-length entitled VYR via Noizr Productions this Friday, November 9th, 2018 to follow their sophomore release We Are The Titan's Rising Ashes (2015), which won two BUMA awards for "Best Metal Video" (Tree Eater) and "Best Metal Album".

Before the official release of VYR, the band is sharing with fans their latest video that captures them recording the album's last track "Inhuman Ones" at Tyrant Studio in Kyiv.

VYR captures the band's advancement in both musicianship and sound, every instrument, every bit of music on this release has its own story. Featuring 12 brutal tracks mixed and mastered by Warkhoros, the album showcases an assault of diversity, from intense blast-beats to acoustic compositions to using different ethnic instruments such as drymba/munnharpe, jouhikko, bukkehorn, flutes, duda, and trembita.

The band comments:

"Capricious and unpredictable streams of life, violent waves and the hypnotic blue of the the universe’s depths... an element that can withstand anything that will happen on the way... a bottomless stellar sky, reflected on a calm mirrored surface that in an instant turns into an incredible dance of the wind and drops, and spins in a gigantic powerful VYR."


“The Observer”
“Exodus Of The Winter”
“Above The Abyss”
“Sea vs. Stones”
“Foggy Hill”
“Ordinary Talk”
“Morning Gleam”
“The Last Tower Will Fall”
“A Thorn In The Hoof”
“From The Past, From The Childhood”
“Inhuman Ones”

“Inhuman Ones” video:

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