URIAH HEEP Release New Single "Hurricane"; Official Lyric Video Posted

January 25, 2023, 5 days ago

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URIAH HEEP Release New Single "Hurricane"; Official Lyric Video Posted

British hard rock legends and progenitors, Uriah Heep, will release their 25th studio album, Chaos & Colour, on January 27 via Silver Lining Music.  Today, the band release the second single, “Hurricane”. A lyric video for the song can be viewed below.

The anthemic and epic “Hurricane” carries an underlying historical and mythological theme. Co-writer and drummer Russell Gilbrook explains: “Simon (Pinto) and I wrote the song about how our ancestors looked at storms and how these can be interpreted as being messages from the Gods… Their power is awesome and a great inspiration for a rocking track!”

Founding member Mick Box comments: “Music and lyrics are of paramount importance to me… I used to hate those ‘80s MTV million dollar videos as they created such a visual image that all calls to imagination were lost because you didn’t have to think. I think the power of music and lyrics are that they do certain things to certain people.”

Chaos & Colour is an album which bristles with explosive classic rock guitars, supreme harmonies, and Heep’s famously generous keyboard foundation. “One Nation, One Sun” is a journey of soaring balladic contemplation, “Fly Like An Eagle” takes the listener on a journey of meditation, whilst “Closer To Your Dreams” is a battle cry for all rockers to get out there and do it, with Shaw imploring that “So many have tried but slipped away/Now it’s time for you to have your say.” During the entire album, Bernie Shaw’s timeless vocals sit expertly beside the band’s phenomenal artistry, rounding out exceptional performances throughout.

Produced by Jay Ruston, and engineered by Pieter Rietkerk, Chaos & Colour is a superb album of quality hard rock from the pioneers of the genre who continue to create top class material. Old fans will be reinvigorated whilst new fans will surely find Chaos & Colour an exceptional discovery. In this, their 53rd pioneering year as a band, Chaos & Colour sees Uriah Heep throwing down more life, light and energy than peers 40 years their juniors.

Chaos & Colour will be available in black and coloured vinyl configurations, as a standard CD digipak, a deluxe CD packaged in a hardcover book with Uriah Heep’s Chaos & Colour signature patch and in digital formats. Pre-order here.

Chaos & Colour tracklisting:

"Save Me Tonight"
"Silver Sunlight"
"Hail The Sunrise"
"Age Of Changes" *
"One Nation, One Sun"
"Golden Light"
"You’ll Never Be Alone"
"Fly Like An Eagle"
"Freedom To Be Free"
"Closer To Your Dreams" *
"Save Me Tonight" (Demo)**

* CD and Digital only
** Deluxe CD only

"Save Me Tonight" video:

Album credits:

- Produced by Jay Ruston
- Engineered by Pieter Kietkerk
- Recorded at Chapel Studios UK
- Mixed by Jay Ruston at TRS West, Sherman Oaks, California
- Additional Engineering by John Douglass
- Mastered by Paul Logus

Following the intense disruption to live music caused by the pandemic, the band are ecstatic to be back on the road and continue to bring their live show across Europe this winter. For a full list of confirmed dates, tickets, and additional information, head here.


Mick Box - Lead Guitar / Vocals
Phil Lanzon - Keyboards / Vocals
Bernie Shaw - Lead Vocals
Dave Rimmer - Bass Guitar / Vocals
Russell Gilbrook - Drums & Percussion

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