WIZARDTHRONE Debut "Black Hole Quantum Thermodynamics" Music Video; New Album Out Now

July 16, 2021, 2 years ago

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WIZARDTHRONE Debut "Black Hole Quantum Thermodynamics" Music Video; New Album Out Now

Behold! Arise! Vast distances from Earth’s dimension, in a galaxy millions of light-years away, the Wizardthrone resurges. Traversing vivid sci-fi multiverses in the spirit of H.P. Lovecraft via comprehensively established technical death, power and symphonic black metal, Hypercube Necrodimensions (out today via Napalm Records) is a bombastic journey through hyperspace and otherworldly realities. Featuring members of Alestorm, Gloryhammer, Aether Realm, Forlorn Citadel, Nekrogoblikon and more, the musical brilliance of Wizardthrone is absolutely undeniable.

In celebration of Hypercube Necrodimensions being released today, Wizardthrone reveal their single and video for “Black Hole Quantum Thermodynamics”. Wizardthrone pushes the boundaries of technical synth metal, displaying incredible musicality on their new single. Lyrically exploring tales of journeys through alternate dimensions, “Black Hole Quantum Thermodynamics” is guaranteed to conquer the hearts of tech-death, power- and symphonic metal fans!

Guitarist/Songwriter M. Archistrategos Barber elucidates further: “'Black Hole Quantum Thermodynamics' was the first track written for Wizardthrone, and encapsulates the deadliest facets of Extreme Wizard Metal. What better way to celebrate the momentous release of Hypercube Necrodimensions than bestowing a gift of this sort upon the Earth? Such a relentless and brutal song would surely need to be mirrored by an equivalent spectacle, and so it was that we entrusted the venerable videomage J. "Iconoclast" Nageer with this daunting task. Never before has the blasphemous allure of the boundless abyss been portrayed with such devastating accuracy! Xhul praises all who have waited patiently for this release, and assures you that diabolical forces are already in motion to further unleash the might of Wizardthrone.”

Featuring guest appearances from Aleksi Munter (Swallow The Sun, Insomnium), Florian Magnus Maier (Dark Fortress, Aldaloid ) and Evan Berry (Wilderun), Hypercube Microdimensions is a spectacular display of Wizardthrone’s musical finesse, constantly pushing the boundaries of heavy metal and thus offering a one-of-a-kind extreme wizard metal listening experience.

Hypercube Necrodimensions is available on digipack CD bundled with an exclusive shirt and as a black gatefold LP, as well as marbled curacao/green vinyl (limited to 300) and as a digital album. Order here.


"Black Hole Quantum Thermodynamics"
"Frozen Winds Of Thyraxia"
"Incantation Of The Red Order"
"Forbidden Equations Deep Within The Epimethean Wasteland"
"The Coalescence Of Nine Stars In The System Once Known As Markarian-231"
"Of Tesseractual Gateways And The Grand Duplicity Of Xhul"
"Hypercube Necrodimensions"
"Beyond The Wizardthrone (Cryptopharmalogical Revelations Of The Riemann Zeta Function)"

“Hypercube Necrodimensions” lyric video:

“Forbidden Equations Deep Within The Epimethean Wasteland” lyric video:

"Frozen Winds Of Thyraxia" video:

Wizardthrone is:

V. Morbistopheles Jones // Vincent "Jake" Jones (Aether Realm) - Bass/Lead Vocals
M. Archistrategos Barber // Mike Barber (Gloryhammer, Deathcode Society) - Guitar/Vocals
M. Xaviculus Bell // Matthew Bell (Forlorn Citadel) - Guitar
C. Hyperiax Bowes // Chris Bowes (Alestorm) - Keys/Narration
E. Wizardthrone Brown // Eric Brown (Nekrogoblikon, Vale Of Pnath) - Drums

(Photo Credit: Triumph 3 Obliterator-XXT, Tina Korhonen, Randy Edwards, Ann-Marie Bell, Bryce Chapman)

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