December 2, 2022, a year ago


Greg Pratt

Rating: 8.0

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Second album here from South Carolina freakies Coffin Torture, a sludgey death metal duo who lay down tons of awkward, sideways vibes on Blennoid. Autopsy immediately come to mind, but there's a more hardcore feel here as well, a smart Relapse atmosphere, the recording, handled by Kylesa's Phillip Cope, probably helping with that. 

I really like the occasional clanking and clashing of extra percussion and other sounds, while songs like “Budo” lay down more head-bopping stoner riffs, although filtered through a heavy Electric Wizard haze, thankfully. The band just stomps and sludges through the grime on the mighty and massive “Confessor” and album highlight “Crawling Spleen”, pure death/doom goriness, this band really tapping into Autopsy's spirit in a way that very few pull off. The riffs on this song just pull and tear apart, as do the ones found on the massive, pummelling title track. “Yateveo” ends things off with a brisk gurgling punk gallop and a bit of dynamics and a lighter touch before the repetitive hypnosis of the closing. 

Two bloody, severed thumbs up for this slab of death/doom done right.

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