June 1, 2024, a month ago


Greg Prato

Rating: 8.0

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It seems like for the most part, shredders nowadays merely like to show off their fleet-fingered skills, and if it was up to them, would solo from the start of a song until its completion – with little melody or originality. But there are certainly exceptions to the rule, such as shred vet Marty Friedman, and especially his latest solo offering, Drama.

Also, for the first time in his recording career, the former Cacophony and Megadeth guitarist has embraced recording with vintage instruments on Drama (mixed in with his trusty old Jackson axes) – which shows that decades into his recording career, Friedman is still willing to try different approaches to keep things fresh.

And there are quite a few pleasant surprises, including such mid-paced tunes as the title track, “Song For An Eternal Child,” and “A Prayer,” which sees piano (and even violin at times) joining in alongside Friedman's six-string – and also shifting gear between symphonic and rock. Many modern day shredders can learn a thing or two from Drama – variety and non-speed demon soloing proves much more pleasing to the ear. And in particular, to non-guitar player listeners.

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