PHANTOM - Transylvanian Nightmare

June 22, 2024, a month ago


Nick Balazs

Rating: 7.5

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PHANTOM - Transylvanian Nightmare

Does the Transylvanian Nightmare occur after the Transilsvanian Hunger? While Phantom bears no resemblance musically to Norwegian black metal, this Mexican four-piece thrashes out with intensity, vigor and varying dynamics to raise eyebrows.

Transylvanian Nightmare is a four-track EP and follow’s their 2023 full-length Reaper’s Bane. That Skeletor looking fella reeks of an evil ‘80s aesthetic, and the mad speed and ferocity displayed reminds of the burgeoning early-‘80s thrash out to destroy and slay. The production quality does not purposely aim for a retro quality which works to Phantom’s favor; although the drums are mixed low and 

The EP radiates this personality of ghastly rage thrashing behind castle walls with nods to early-Slayer and Kreator. The vocals shout forth with charismatic charm and the solos are nuanced showing bouts of intense chaos and also melodic reasoning. Phantom plays around with their tempos, trading rhythmic groove to unrelenting force and back again on “From The Abyss” and executes it convincingly.

Props are also give to this Mexican crew for not staying safe and including an atmospheric acoustic instrumental with “Epitaph”. The dreary, cold vibe hits like ice and puts this EP on another level. Closer “Raging Pyres” lets the drums and bass loose with little solo bits before a well-constructed, melodic solo closes it out.

Credit to Phantom for presenting this bloody, beastly, vampire-esque attitude to the game while also being mindful of songwriting and sticking out, rather than being just another thrash act.

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