YES - Fragile (Super Deluxe Edition)

July 6, 2024, 2 weeks ago


Greg Prato

Rating: 10.0

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YES - Fragile (Super Deluxe Edition)

Just about every month during the early '70s, a now-classic prog rock album dropped. And 1971 was seemingly overflowing with 'em: Jethro Tull's Aqualung, Pink Floyd's Meddle, Genesis' Nursery Cryme, ELP's Tarkus, Uriah Heep's Salisbury, etc. 

But the undisputed kings of '71 prog were Yes – simply due to the fact that they issued not one, but two classic prog studio offerings that year, The Yes Album and Fragile. 

Perhaps only by a hair, Fragile may be the better of the two aforementioned offerings, thanks to the inclusion of such all-time classic Yes tunes as "Roundabout," and "Long Distance Runaround," as well as two of the group's finest album tracks, "South Side Of The Sky" and "Heart Of The Sunrise" (the latter of which is probably Yes' heaviest tune). 

And now, two expanded editions of the album have been issued by the fine folks at Rhino, a single LP/4 CD/1 Blu-ray/booklet 'Super Deluxe Edition', as well as a version that includes an autographed lithograph from artist Roger Dean – either of which are simply must hears/haves for both Yes-men and Yes-women everywhere.

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