NIGHT DEMON – Philly Plunged Into Darkness!

March 7, 2017, 2 years ago

Mark Gromen

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Fresh from the jungles of a South American tour (literally & figuratively) Jarvis Leatherby and Night Demon are (surprise!) out on tour. Their stop at Johnny Brenda's marks the fourth stop in Philly, over the last couple of years, each at a different locale. Now, the trio have new music in waiting, Darkness Remains, set to be issued on Century Media (SPV overseas) next month. A pair of newbies even cropped up in the abbreviated set, opening for Anvil.

"Welcome To The Night", the mini-horror movie/video track (directed by Leatherby) that also opens the new album, kicked off the evening, on a small, second floor stage that also featured a balcony. Playing on the Canuck's drums (to save time and space), Night Demon did what they do best, a seamless barrage of music, with little time wasted between songs on stage banter, while sweating and headbanging as much (maybe more) than the fans standing at the front of the stage. "Ritual" and "Heavy Metal Heat" whiz by. Following "Mastermind", the pre-recorded intro to "Howling Man" gives everyone a chance to catch their breath.

Although almost nobody has heard "Hallowed Ground", it seems like it's been in the set forever. A red lit "Screams In The Night" precedes "The Chalice", with an onstage guest appearance by the band's robed and masked mascot, Rocky (who appears to have had an upgrade in the mask department). He poses for selfies down front, while toasting fans with the song's namesake. The night ends, all too quickly, with their signature tune. Traveling to all corners of the globe, these road dogs will undoubtedly be at a venue near you soon (their motto is "No stage is too small and no stage is too large. Will take them all by storm”). Live is where they thrive. Check ‘em out and peer into the Darkness.

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