8 FOOT SATIVA - New Album Delayed, Guitarist Returns To The Fold, Drummer Replaced

June 22, 2006, 12 years ago

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New Zealand bashers 8 FOOT SATIVA have posted the following update at their official website:

"8 Foot Sativa would like to apologise for the long delays with getting Poison Of Ages out. However, it is completely out of our hands. The hold up is due to one individual who has breached a contract made with us, and this has forced us to try and come up with 20,000 to try and secure the release. That being said, the album WILL be released, we just don’t have a date yet. As soon as we know, you will know. Once again, we are sorry, but in all honestly we want to hear this album more than you guys do.

In other news, we would like to welcome guitarist William Cleverdon back to 8 Foot!! We are all really please to have him back, because quite frankly, he is one of the best guitarists in New Zealand. Also, Corey Friedlander has left the band. We really do wish Corey all the best, he is a good dude, not to mention a gifted drummer, and we know he is going to go far. We will miss you bro. And so we would like to announce Jamie Saint Merat of local death metal band Ulcerate as the new 8 Foot Sativa drummer. Jamie truly is an amazing drummer (check him out at www.ulcerate.orcon.net.nz), and we all couldn’t be happier with him. He is also the man responsible for the Poison Of Ages artwork, which is spectacular.

Make sure you all come to the next 8 Foot shows. I am sure you will agree this is the strongest 8 Foot line up yet.

Cheers for all your patience!!"

As previously reported, Poison Of Ages is the fourth album from 8 Foot Sativa. It was recorded in Sweden at Studio Underground, the same studio where their previous outing, Breed The Pain, was made. The track titles are as follows (in no particular order): 'Crosses For Eyes', 'Napalm Existence', 'Exeunt', 'The Great Western Cliff-Hanger', 'Emancipate', 'Ashes Of The Arsonist', 'We, The Termites', 'Pirates And Capitalists', 'For The Birds', 'Thumbs, Eye-Sockets, Love'."

For more information on the band go to this location.

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