ANATOMY OF I's Steve DiGiorgio Checks In From The Studio; New Album Title Revealed

July 4, 2010, 9 years ago

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ANATOMY OF I - the brainchild of vocalist/guitarist Michael Dorrian, with long-time friends Dirk Verbeuren (SCARVE, SOILWORK) on drums and Steve DiGiorgio (SADUS, DEATH, TESTAMENT) on bass - have issued the following update from DiGiorgio:

"Working hard in Den Haag!!! Recording the bass for the AOI Substratum album. I think I brought the California weather with me. It was a glorious three days near the sea, although the only beach time I logged was at 2:30 in the morning! (Hey, we were busy...!) And it rained (no surprise for Holland, I know)...but the whole time I was there it only rained for about 15 minutes (there ya go, that's rare for Holland!). Mikey told me that out of the possible three weeks of warm sunny weather they are allowed to experience per year, I was there for one of them.

So we plugged in the Thor Bass into the Line 6 Bass POD (the same exact one I use at home) and got one of the best tones I have pulled out of this bass in the studio thus far! I was pausing from the recordings every so often and just playing random tones all over the neck amazed and pleased at the nice cutting and full tone it was producing. And honestly, I forgot to confirm it with Mike, but I think we spent like just a handful of minutes on getting the tone. Sometimes guys want to spend an hour, two hours...more...just dialing in a sound to work with. Not this time! I came right out of the case ready to rape and pillage. Well, actually it didn't. I had to change over out of the Trident mode back into regular 5 string mode, but then it sparkled faithfully.

We put in some long hours each day, I hate/love these sessions where I have never heard the songs before starting. What I mean by that is, obviously without being familiar with the songs, most of the time is actually learning the riffs, parts and arrangements then trying to conjure an instant chemistry with the drummer and lock in. It progresses slowly moving forward in small increments. But also one really special thing about this style of not knowing what to play beforehand is rewarding when bass lines and counter melodies are improvised on the spot and when that magic one hits just right, man, it’s so much better than something prewritten. So with this kind of find the way in the dark until the end, we made some killer bass moments that support the guitar melodies and compliment the awesome drum insanity. We really didn't spare the creative "what-if's?".

Still the guitars to record, solos, and vocals. So it will be some months until it’s ready for release. But I’m sure as soon as something is close to being done there will be samples posted on the band’s MySpace page. Check back in often."

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