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April 14, 2002, 17 years ago

news metal archives this week in

... 1996, the SEX PISTOLS reunion tour is announced uniting singer Johnny Rotten, guitarist Steve Jones, drummer Paul Cook and bassist Glen Matlock.

... 1996, the In Memory Of Celtic Frost tribute album is released.

... 1997, Montreal-based HEAVEN'S CRY release Food For Thought Substitute.

... 1997, the Scott Ian-produced KILLING CULTURE release their self-titled record.

... 1997, Bill Ward IS NOT playing the Sabbath reunion. Ozzy didn't ask him!.

... 1997, CLUTCH and Earache are caught in legal shackles, trying to gain the rights to the long-deleted EP, Passive Restraints.

... 1997, MAYHEM reform.

... 1997, former SUICIDAL TENDENCIES guitarist Rocky George is named as the replacement of Bobby Hambel in WHITE DEVIL.

... 1997, guitarist James Murphy joins KONKHRA.

... 1998, EIDOLON announced recently that their guitarist, Glen Drover is now an official member of KING DIAMOND, replacing Herb Simonsen.

... 1998, THOR have reform.

... 1998, FLESHCRAWL split from Black Mark Production

... 1998, former MOTORHEAD axeman WURZEL releases an ambient new age CD called Chill Out Or Die.

... 1998, OVERKILL are forced to cancel a number of From The Underground And Below tour dates because frontman Bobby ‘Blitz’ Ellesworth, is diagnosed with nasal cancer.

... 1998, CRADLE OF FILTH release Cruelty And The Beast.

... 1998, CANNIBAL CORPSE release Gallery Of Suicide.

... 1998, TESTAMENT announces that Dave Lombardo has joined the band for their next album, The Gathering.

... 1998, Logan Mader leaves MACHINE HEAD and joins SOULFLY.

... 1998, TALAS reform.

... 1999, GWAR release We Kill Everything .

... 1999, JAMES MURPHY releases Feeding The Machine.

... 1999, JUDAS PRIEST “pull out of Ozzfest ‘99 due to record company commitments.”

... 1999, AC/DC are presented with a Diamond Award in the U.S. for Back In Black sales of over 10 million units.

... 1999, Japan's Zero Corporation goes out of business.

... 1999, Spitfire Records signs TNT.

... 2000, Al Pitrelli is announced as the new permanent guitarist for MEGADETH.

... 2000, Josh Lazie leaves DANZIG. He is replaced by Howie Pyro (ex-D GENERATION).

... 2000, UNIDA ink a deal with American Recordings.

... 2000, VITAL REMAINS part ways with vocalist Jeff.

... 2000, SHY ink a deal with Z Records.

... 2000, FRICTION change their name to ELEMENTS OF FRICTION.

... 2000, BRITNY FOX sign with Spitfire Records.

... 2000, MACABRE and AFTER DEATH both ink deals with Hammerheart.

... 2001, MEGADETH''s new single, 'Moto Psycho', becomes the #1 most-added track at active rock radio in the U.S. in its first week of release.

... 2001, COC's bassist Woody Weatherman confirms that drummer Reed Mullin has parted ways with the band.

... 2001, THE HAUNTED are forced to cancel a string of Scandinavian dates after vocalist Marco Aro is diagnosed with bleeding vocal chords.

... 2001, Neat Records ink a deal with WITCHFYNDE.

... 2001, UNLEASHED reform and begin working on a new studio album.

... 2001, HENRY ROLLINS is no longer recording for Dreamworks Records.

... 2001, CREMATORY decide to split up after a moderately successful 10 year career.

... 2001, Grindcore giants DISCORDANCE AXIS announce they are breaking up.

... 2001, HADES ALMIGHTY ink a deal with Psycho Bitch Records.

... 2001, drummer Stefan Schwarzmann (RUNNING WILD, ACCEPT) joins the German band VOICE.

... 2001, HOUSE OF LORDS reform their original lineup and sign a multi album deal with Now & Then/Frontiers Records.

... 2001, SR-71 drummer Dan Garvin is replaced by Baltimore native John Allan.

... 2001, IRON BUTTERFLY bassist Lee Dorman is hospitalized because of a severe heart condition.

... 2001, AD INFERNA ink a deal with Last Episode.

... 2001, AKERCOCKE ink a deal with Peaceville.

... 2001, SPV signs a deal with Ritchie Blackmore's BLACKMORE'S NIGHT.

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