ARCH ENEMY Vocalist ALISSA WHITE-GLUZ On Being A Woman In Metal - "The Amount Of Time I Spend Thinking About The Fact I'm Female Is Zero Seconds A Day"

September 12, 2017, 8 months ago

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ARCH ENEMY Vocalist ALISSA WHITE-GLUZ On Being A Woman In Metal - "The Amount Of Time I Spend Thinking About The Fact I'm Female Is Zero Seconds A Day"

Back in August during the Leyendas Del Rock festival in Villena, Spain vocalist Alissa White-Gluz spoke with EMP Live about joining the band, songwriting and using clean vocals, and being a woman in metal. 

Arch Enemy's new album Will To Power promises to be the ultimate statement of heavy metal supremacy and will mark the first album the band have recorded with their current line-up - Alissa White-Gluz (vocals), Michael Amott (guitars), Jeff Loomis (guitars), Sharlee D’Angelo (bass), and Daniel Erlandsson (drums). The album was co-produced by Amott and Erlandsson, while being mixed and mastered by Jens Bogren.

Will To Power's captivating cover artwork was designed by Alex Reisfar.

Michael Amott commented on the artwork: "It was a pleasure working with Alex Reisfar on the Will To Power cover artwork, he immediately grasped the concept and atmosphere we were looking for with this album. We talked about the double edged sword that is human ambition, how it can be outstandingly creative and beautiful but can also be turned into something dark and powerful. Alex proceeded to masterfully paint a strong image that evokes a lot of feelings. The human skull as a central focal point, the flesh sort of falling off into the circular pattern. The snake ouroboros weaving in and out of the mouths and throats of the severed heads of a wolf, a goat and a vampire bat... All representing self determination and a predatory, almost parasitic will to power.”


“Set Flame To The Night”
“The Race”
“Blood In The Water”
“The World Is Yours”
“The Eagle Flies Alone”
“Reason To Believe”
“Murder Scene”
“First Day In Hell”
“Dreams Of Retribution”
“My Shadow And I”
“A Fight I Must Win”

Råpunk EP:

“Warsystem” (Skitslickers cover)
“Armed Revolution” (Skitslickers cover)
“Spräckta Snutskallar” (Skitslickers cover)
“The Leader (Of The Fuckin’ Assholes)” (Skitslickers cover)
“Nitad” (Moderat Likvidation cover)
“When The Innocent Die” (Anti-Cimex cover)
“City Baby Attacked By Rats” (Charged G.B.H. cover)

Track-by-track Part 1:

Track-by-track Part 2:

Unboxing video:

"The Eagle Flies Alone”:

“The World Is Yours” video:

“The Leader (Of The Fuckin’ Assholes)” (Skitslickers cover):

Arch Enemy are adding more dates to their headlining international Will To Power Tour this fall in support of their new release, Will To Power. The first leg of the tour will trek across Eastern Europe from September 15th until October 11th with support act Jinjer. The band are excited to announce the final dates of the second round for the Will to Power Tour, which will take place from January 12th until February 14th 2018 across Western Europe, UK and Scandinavia and feature support from Wintersun, Tribulation and Jinjer.

Check out Alissa’s video greeting:

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SKINLESS - "Savagery" (Relapse)

SKINLESS - "Savagery" (Relapse)

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