ASPHYX Reveal Details For Anniversary Edition Of Debut Album, The Rack; Live Schedule Updated

September 29, 2017, a year ago

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ASPHYX Reveal Details For Anniversary Edition Of Debut Album, The Rack; Live Schedule Updated

In order to celebrate their 30th band anniversary, Dutch doom death metal division, Asphyx, is announcing a very special edition of their debut album, The Rack, to be released on November 17th via Century Media Records.

Synched up with the band’s special anniversary shows at the Turock venue in Essen, Germany on November 18th & 19th (grab the last tickets for the Sunday matinée show while supply lasts), this limited edition 2CD & 2LP re-release features the carefully remastered original album as well as the entire record in original sequence covered by underground companions and talented newcomers as bonus.

The bonus compilation record features the following tracklisting:

1. Dan Swanö (Sweden) - “The Quest Of Absurdity”
2. Grave (Sweden) - “Vermin”
3. Desaster (Germany) - “Diabolical Existence”
4. Skeletal Remains (USA) - “Evocation”
5. Coffins (Japan) - “Wasteland Of Terror”
6. Deserted Fear (Germany) - “The Sickening Dwell”
7. Hooded Menace (Finland) - “Ode To A Nameless Grave”
8. Entrails (Sweden) - “Pages In Blood”
9. Purgatory (Germany) - “The Rack”

The release will be available as Gatefold 2LP + Double-sided poster limited to 2,000 copies and as 2CD Mediabook + Sticker-Set limited to 3,000 copies, adding extensive liner notes both by Asphyx (original and current members) and their featured stylistic peers. The release will also unveil the previously unseen and now completed original album artwork with commentary by longtime Asphyx designer Axel Hermann.

Asphyx vocalist Martin van Drunen comments about The Rack - Anniversary Edition as follows: “If some-one would have told us back in 1991 we would be celebrating a The Rack re-release 25 years after the original and even a 30 years band anniversary, I would have recommended that person to consult a damn shrink.

“But here we are in 2017, deathsters, going stronger than ever and with an extra-ordinary marvelous brand new release of The Rack on vinyl and as Mediabook CD. Of course this idea came up as usual after a few beers during the first recording session of “Incoming Death”, when one of us stated The Rack was 25 years in his private metal-collection already.

“And thus we felt like doing something special. Now what can be more unique then having colleague bands we respect and listen to ourselves covering every single track of the album in their own particular style? May that be of old wolves or young hunters from the global pack, they’re all represented. Therefore, as Asphyx, we are extremely proud and honored to have all these true spontaneous 3rd millennium doom/death contributions and also the magnificent remastering, preserving that grim, gloomy, loud and brutal sound of the old days.

“But better judge for yourselves... And have a beer with us on it. Cheerz!”

The 2LP format will be available in the following limited one-time pressing-only vinyl colour versions:

Black vinyl: 900x via all outlets
Golden vinyl: 100x via CM Webshop
Dark Green vinyl: 200x via CM Distro
Red vinyl: 100x via Asphyx at Anniversary shows!
Clear vinyl: 200x via High Roller Records
Silver vinyl: 500x via Nuclear Blast Records

Asphyx’s “The Rack - Anniversary Edition” is available for pre-sale now from CM Distro here.

Upcoming Asphyx shows:

30 - Bucharest, Romania - Fabrica

7 - Hoogeveen, The Netherlands - Graveland Festival
21 - Warsaw, Poland - Progresja

4 - Cham, Germany - L.A.
18 - Essen, Germany - Turock / 30 Years Anniversary Show - Sold Out
19 - Essen, Germany - Turock / 30 Years Anniversary Show - Matinee

2 - Vilnius, Lithuania - Winter Of Wolves Festival

3 - Bohinjska Bistrica, Slovenia - Winter Days Of Metal

24 - Heidelberg, Germany - Heidelberg Deathfest
31 - Arlon, Belgium - L'entrepot

9 - Hauptmannsgrün, Germany - Chronical Moshers Open Air

Asphyx lineup 2017:

Martin van Drunen - Vocals
Paul Baayens - Guitars
Alwin Zuur - Bass
Stefan “Husky“ Hüskens - Drums

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