AT VANCE Releases Charity Single For Japan

April 17, 2011, 8 years ago

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German power metal band AT VANCE have recorded a charity cover song for the people of Japan titled 'Tokyo'.

At Vance's Olaf Lenk, a man who had some of his biggest success in the land of the rising sun, was shocked to hear from the catastrophe, just like so many others:

“As soon as I heard the news from the things happening in Japan I felt the need of doing at least something little that could help these people and ease the pain. Actually Rick had the idea to release a track and donate everything to Japan. As we thought of a song the track 'Tokyo' came into my mind and I thought it would suit very well. So I hope lots of people buy this one and help these people to get over this horrible situation."

Click below to purchase and to hear an audio sample:

After eight successful studio albums, last summer At Vance released a best of album titled Decade, including all the highlights from the band, rare songs, Japanese bonus tracks, cover versions and the popular adaptions of classical masterpieces (Vivaldi, Beethoven).

The tracklist is as follows:

CD 1

'Only Human'

'Take Me Away'

'Take My Pain'



'Broken Vow'

'The Evil In You'

'Fallen Angel'

'The Curtain Will Fall'



'Cold As Ice'

'Flying High' (remastered)

'Princess Of The Night'

'Heart Of Steel'

'Ride The Sky'

CD 2

'Broken Vow (live)

'Heroes Of Honour'

'Logical Song' (SUPERTRAMP)


'Highway Star' (DEEP PURPLE)

'The Winner Takes It All' (ABBA)

'Money Money' (ABB )

'S.O.S.' (ABBA)

'Gloomy Monday'


'Eye Of The Tiger' (SURVIVOR)

'Desperado' (THE EAGLES)

'Vivaldi / Spring'

'Vivaldi / Summer'


'Beethoven 5th Symphony'


'Caprice No.16'

'Bach Invention No.13'

'Cello Prelude G-Major'

'Chopin Etude No.4'

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