ATOMKRAFT - Total Metal Anthology Details Revealed

August 8, 2004, 14 years ago

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On August 26th Sanctuary will release an ATOMKRAFT retrospective called Total Metal: The Neat Anthology, featuring Prime Evil-era VENOM singer and current MANTAS bassit Tony “Demolition Man” Dolan. The double CD package will feature material from The Future Warrior album (’85), Your Mentor (Neat Powertrax Cassette, ’86), the Queen Of Death EP (’86), the Conductors Of Noize mini-LP (’87) and several unreleased tracks.

The bonus material will include two demo tracks from the Conductors Of Noize sessions, two live cuts from ’88, two tracks from the unreleased Atomized album, and two original demo cuts from ’83 featuring original guitarist Steve White, who made an appearance on Venom’s Waste Lands album.

The track list is as follows:

CD1: ‘Total Metal’, ‘Pour The Metal In’, ‘Foliage’, ‘Teutonic Pain’, ‘Funeral Pyre’, ‘Rich Bitch’, ‘Starchild’, ‘Warzone’, ‘Vision Of Belshazzar’, ‘Butn In Hell’, ‘Requiem’, ‘Protector’, ‘Dead Man’s Hand’, and ‘This Planet’s Burning/Death Valley’

CD2: ‘Future Warriors’, ‘Queen Of Death’, ‘The Cage’, ‘Demolition’, ‘Heat And Pain’, ‘Mode 3’, ‘Your Mentor’, ‘Trial By Deception’ (unreleased), ‘Demolition Boyz’ (unreleased), ‘Visions Of Belshazzar’ (live), ‘’Foliage’ (live), ‘Annihilate The Bride’ (unreleased), ‘Dance Of The Immortals’ (unreleased), ‘Total Metal’ (demo ’83), and ‘Death Valley’ (demo ‘83)

Liner notes are provided by Dolan and Malcolm Dome of Total Rock Radio and Metal Hammer fame.

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