Australia’s VOYAGER Gearing Up To Release Sixth Album; Pledge Music Pre-Order Campaign Launched

February 28, 2017, 2 years ago

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Australia’s VOYAGER Gearing Up To Release Sixth Album; Pledge Music Pre-Order Campaign Launched

Australian pop sensibilities combined with modern progressive heaviness – the cult force that is Voyager are back with their sixth album, entitled Ghost Mile.

Voyager's sensationally anthemic sixth opus has an amalgamation of everything the band does best- huge soundscapes, pop and prog sensibilities with catchy and thought-inducing instrumentals. The album was mixed by Matthew Templeman and mastered by Simon Strutters and maintains the production that was such a successful selling point for their album, V.  

You can check out the band’s last single "Misery Is Only Company" below, which features on Ghost Mile. Fun fact - this track was played during the Metal Hammer Golden Gods Awards in 2016.


Ashley Doodkorte (drums): "The tracks on Ghost Mile embrace some of the more idiosyncratic aspects of our playing and songwriting - all of us are pushing our instrumentation to places they haven't visited as much in the past, while still maintaining the hallmarks of our sound - and the results continually surprise and delight us! Like never before, this new album really feels like the sum of all of our influences, ideas and personalities."

Maintaining their adamance for fan loyalty and interaction, Voyager have launched a Pledge Music campaign where fans can pre-order the new album, which is set for a May 12th release. Pledgers will have access to exclusive information and signed merchandise by the band. Any pledges will contribute to the completion of the production and manufacturing of the album which is set to be their best yet. Fans can pledge here.

The band say this about the campaign: "We're stoked to have a platform where people can not only contribute to the recording and production of the album, but can get their hands on some exclusive Voyager goodies! We're also looking forward showcasing all the little videos and progress updates we have planned for this album production cycle with our Access Pass holders.”

For information and updates on Voyager go to this location.

Band Members:

Danny Estrin - vocals/keytar
Scott Kay - guitars
Simone Dow - guitars
Alex Canion - bass
Ashley Doodkorte - drums

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