Bassist Floyd London Announces Departure From THE ALMIGHTY

November 13, 2008, 10 years ago

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Scotland's THE ALMIGHTY see their MySpace page updated with the following message from bassist Floyd London:

"I am desperately sorry to have to tell you all that I have left the band. This follows a week of sleepless nights and I do not take this decision lightly. I have been deliberating this move for over a year now, and have been unhappy for longer. The boys know my reasons, both personal and political.

I take this opportunity to once again thank you all for your unwavering support throughout my career in the band and with my recent illness.

I bear no malice or ill-feeling towards the band and wish them every success for a prosperous and rewarding future.

Kind regards, Floyd."

As previously reported, The Almighty frontman RICKY WARWICK has two songs featured in the new movie Who Killed Nancy?, directed by Alan Parker. The songs 'Three Sides To Every Story' and 'Tattoos & Alibis' are both taken from Warwick's 2003 solo debut, Tattoos & Alibis.

The movie will premiere on February 2nd, 2009, on the 30th Anniversary of the Sid Vicious' death at the Prince Charles Cinema, West End, London. It opens in UK cinemas on February 6th.

As previously reported, The Almighty have been forced to cancel their planned December tour in the UK. They have issued the following open letter to all:

"It is with deep regret, frustration, anger and disappointment that The Almighty are been forced to cancel the Powertrippin' Again Tour in December of this year.

The reasons for this lie solely at the feet of a company called Hostile Promotions. These people were to be the promoters on five of The Almighty dates in December. They contacted our agent at TKO Booking, made offers, confirmed and announced the dates, failed to promote in a professional manner and subsequently have now cancelled them, of their own accord. Thus failing to honour their agreement either financially or contractually.

The end result leaves the band having to cancel the five remaining shows, leaving very reputable promoters like Duncan Gray, Jon Vyner, Simon Hall and Andy Gallenders, (all of whom are privy to this shameful conduct but, in no way connected), out of pocket with their advertising/ticketing costs and time.

This kind of thing always leaves a sour taste with band, promoters and public alike and undoubtedly tarnishes the artist's reputation for the future. We very much hope we can rebuild our relationships with the remaining promoters, thank them for their understanding and backing and thus look to the future from this point.

We can only apologise to our loyal fans that we find ourselves in this position and promise we will do our best to make this up in 2009.

We were desperately looking forward to this tour and this fiasco has put ruin on our 20th Anniversary year celebrations.

We thank you for your continued support and hope that you can understand, we are as pissed off about this as all of you are .

Refunds on all tickets at point of purchase.

See you down the front soon!

The Almighty."

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