BIF NAKED Says Goodbye To Guitarist Jacen JD Ekstrom - "He Was A Big Brother To Me, He Protected Me, And Made Me A Better Performer"

November 9, 2014, 4 years ago

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BIF NAKED Says Goodbye To Guitarist Jacen JD Ekstrom - "He Was A Big Brother To Me, He Protected Me, And Made Me A Better Performer"

On Tuesday, October 28th, Canadian rocker Bif Naked's guitarist / Crashscene vocalist Jacen JD Ekstrom was rushed to the operating room due to an aortic dissection — a condition where the main artery (and largest) in the human body tears. As a result, JD underwent 12 hours of surgery with a 10% chance of survival. He passed away on the afternoon of November 7th.

Bif has posted the following message:

"It is with overwhelming sorrow that I share the sad news, as we have lost our beloved J.D. Ekstrom, just yesterday in Calgary Hospital. We give our hearts, our sincerity, our love, and condolences to his wife and partner, Jennifer, and his family, Jaelyn, James, and all of his wonderful friends. 

J.D. was a devoted husband and father, a loyal and loving friend to all, and had legendary generosity, humour, and warmth. He was an immeasurably talented musician, indestructible road warrior, and a band leader. Jacen performed and recorded with so many notable bands over the years: Teaser, Ebony Tusk, Little Sister, One-NineHundred (1-900), Neurosonic, CrashScene, and toured Europe and North America, on tours such as Family Values, Korn, Evanescence, and Warped Tour, among others. Jacen joined me doing live shows for the past several years and we recorded an acoustic album, Bif Naked Forever. He was a big brother to me, and he looked out for me and protected me, accompanied me, and made me a better performer. The privilege of sharing the stage with J.D. Ekstrom inspired me and uplifted me every show.

We are all in shock and completely crushed, so deep is our love for him. The oceans swell with our tears, the winds pause, and the birds all fly upside down as our world is forever changed. Blessed be J.D. 

More than my sorrow, more than I can ever convey or properly express, is my love for my friend and musical partner. As well, my boyfriend Steve 'Snake' Allen, who grew up with J.D. in Cranbrook, BC, hand made a guitar just for J.D., finally presenting him with it just last month, and we had the pleasure of seeing him play it in these last few weeks. This joyful memory will always stay with us, and we will forever remember him as The King Of Guitars, our Number One Rocker, Our Friend, Hero, and Champion.

If I could say anything to J.D. right now, it is simply this: 

A piece of my heart flies with you, J.D. May peace be upon you, Rocker. You rule. Namaste. I remain Your Number One Fan." 


Biffy xo

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