BLACK STAR RIDERS Guitarist DAMON JOHNSON - “There Probably Won’t Ever Be Another THIN LIZZY Tour”

March 20, 2017, a year ago

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BLACK STAR RIDERS Guitarist DAMON JOHNSON - “There Probably Won’t Ever Be Another THIN LIZZY Tour”

Eonmusic recently spoke to Black Star Riders guitarist Damon Johnson, with a couple of excerpts from the chat below:

On moving away from performing Thin Lizzy material: "It’s not so much a conscious thing to move away from Lizzy as much as it’s a testament to our excitement about our new material. I mean, we would play the whole album if we had enough time. So to me, that’s a real credit to the strength of the songs on Heavy Fire."

On playing in Thin Lizzy with Scott Travis from Judas Priest: "Scott Travis has earned legitimate rock star status, because he’s been with Priest so long now, a long, long time. He’s such a powerhouse drummer, and I know Scott and Ricky and I were all looking forward to playing with him, particularly on the heavier Thin Lizzy songs like “Emerald”. He just brought this other thing to it."

On the future of Black Star Riders vs. Thin Lizzy: "I can tell you with real confidence there probably won’t ever be another Thin Lizzy tour. I think there’ll be some one-offs. Scott has been the soul flag bearer, truly, of that legacy, and he’s done a pretty amazing job with it for decades now.”

Read the full interview here.

Black Star Riders released Heavy Fire on February 3rd via Nuclear Blast. This new masterpiece directly entered the charts worldwide and got the best chart results ever in the history of the Black Star Riders.


“Heavy Fire”
“When The Night Comes In”
“Dancing With The Wrong Girl”
“Who Rides The Tiger”
“Cold War Love”
“Testify Or Say Goodbye”
“Thinking About You Could Get Me Killed”
“True Blue Kid”
“Ticket To Rise”
“Letting Go Of Me”

The Limited Edition Digibook CD includes the above tracklisting plus the bonus track “Fade”.

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