BraveWords Preview: SVEN GALI Vocalist DAVE WANLESS On Comeback EP - "A Massive Sense Of Accomplishment; We're Doing It For The Love Of Music"

June 30, 2020, 14 days ago

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BraveWords Preview: SVEN GALI Vocalist DAVE WANLESS On Comeback EP - "A Massive Sense Of Accomplishment; We're Doing It For The Love Of Music"

Canadian bashers Sven Gali, who reunited back in March 2018, released their comeback EP, entitled 3, on June 12th. Following is an excerpt from the upcoming BraveWords feature on the band with frontman Dave Wanless

On the reactions to 3 now that it has been released

Wanless: "It's been extremely positive; from former fans to new fans, the younger generation seems to dig it, so it's been very well received. We were around for a long time and we went away for a really long time (laughs), so I guess we've always had this thing about unfinished business in the backs of our minds. We always felt like we had something to offer to the Canadian scene and the international scene, so actually being able to get that done is a massive sense of accomplishment and relief. A lot of bands that get back together after such a long time, they're music tends to be a little softer. I think we got heavier."

On deciding to record first comeback song "Kill The Lies" for official release

Wanless: "We did 'Kill The Lies' in New York City - we reunited with David Bendeth (producer) - and I was nervous when I was driving down there to do the vocals. I figured it was going to be a lot of fun, but then things started coming to my mind: a lot of people were going to hear the song and then we were going to be judged. But, when we got to the studio it just felt great from the very beginning. We were only supposed to be down there for three or four days, but me and Andy (Frank / guitars) and Shawn (Minden / bass) stayed for 10. On the drive home I felt that big sense of accomplishment. Now we're committed to each other to keep going as long as we can because we're doing it for the love of music. It's a lot of fun."

Watch for the complete feature, coming soon to BraveWords.

Sven Gali didn't waste any time after the release of 3, and here they are with a freshly released video, containing their uncompromised stage act, for the single, "Now".

Sven Gali built a name fast with their live shows; drawing growing crowds on the Canadian and US circuit while building their songwriting chops and a wild reputation. David Bendeth signed the band to BMG Music Canada in 1991 and produced the self-titled debut, released in 1992.

The masterful debut album includes the hit, which was MuchMusic Best Metal Video award of 1993, "Under The Influence" and the emotional sweet balladry of "Love Don't Live Here Anymore", a song that became the #6 CanCon song of 1993. Following their profound release, the band was nominated for Hard Rock Album Of The Year and Most Promising Band at the Junos. Sven Gali went gold in Canada that year.  

Following extensive touring worldwide, being a major event on stages with legends (April Wine / Foreigner / Pearl Jam / Def Leppard), Sven Gali didn't stop there, and continued their journey with release of their sophomore, InWire, in 1995.

Just recently, after a long time in the shadows, twenty-five years after their debut album went Gold in Canada, in 2018 Sven Gali came back rockin', kicking out the jams with modernized edged rock covered in metal with "Kill The Lies", and a year later, serving "You Won't Break Me".

It appears that Sven Gali are here to take on the 00s, and it has been evident with sold out Canadian shows in 2018 and 2019 and a promise to continue to play solo and festival dates in North America and Europe through 2021 and beyond.

Order the 3 EP via the following links:

- Physical
- Digital

3 tracklisting:

"Kill The Lies"
"You Won't Break Me"

EP stream:

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