BROTHERS OF METAL Release "Yggdrasil" Music Video

December 12, 2018, 6 months ago

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BROTHERS OF METAL Release "Yggdrasil" Music Video

Brothers Of Metal, one of Scandinavia’s most promising new bands, have released an official music video for "Yggdrasil", a track from their debut album, out now via AFM Records. Watch the clip below, and order the album here.

The 8-piece, hailing from Falun, Sweden consists of three vocalists (two male, one female), three guitar players, a bass player and a drummer. Their sound: A thunderous, catchy mixture of power metal, irresistible melodies, heavy riffs and some folkish elements; or as they used to call it - “True Heavy Metal”.

The band comments: “Wimps and posers beware, for true metal is here. Brothers and sisters you fear - for true warriors are everywhere. Be you tiny and frail or large as the giants, be you faint of heart or brave in soul. Be your spirits light and swift, or dark as the night, fear not, for together we will conquer all… together we fight - together we rise - we ride into battle and into the night!”


"Death Of The God Of Light"
"Son Of Odin"
"Prophecy Of Ragnarök"
"Defenders Of Valhalla"
"Concerning Norns" (Digipak & Vinyl only)
"Siblings Of Metal"
"Gods Of War"
"The Mead Song" (Digipak & Vinyl only)
"Sleipnir" (Digipak & Vinyl only)
"Fire Blood And Steel"
"We Believe In Metal" (Digipak & Vinyl only)

"Yggdrasil" video:

"Prophecy Of Ragnarök" video:

"Prophecy Of Ragnarök" lyric video:


Ylva Eriksson - Voice of the Valkyries
Joakim Lindbäck Eriksson - Battle Cries
Dawid Grahn - Guitar
Pähr Nilsson - Guitar
Mikael Fehrm - Guitar
Emil Wärmedal - Bass
Mats Nilsson - Tongue of the Gods
Johan Johansson - Anvil and War Drums

(Band photo - George Grigoriadis Photography)

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