BURIAL IN THE SKY Premiere New Song "Nautilus' Cage"

May 11, 2018, a year ago

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BURIAL IN THE SKY Premiere New Song "Nautilus' Cage"

Seasoned atmospheric tinged progressive / technical death metal outfit Burial In The Sky recently announced their forthcoming sophomore full-length, Creatio et Hominus. The album is set for release on June 1st. The Mount Carmel, Pennsylvania based group established a name for themselves with the release of their 2016 debut, Persistence Of Thought, which was enhanced by the advanced session drumming of Decrepit Birth member Samus Paulicelli.

For their new album, Burial In The Sky picked up drummer Sam Stewart who also plays piano on the group's upcoming album. At the same time, the band added bassist and saxophonist Zach Strouse, who contributed all of the saxophone playing found on River Of Nihil's new album, Where Owls Know My Name. The recent last-minute addition of longtime Cognitive vocalist Jorel Hart rounds out the new album's lineup which begins with founding member, guitarist and multi-instrumentalist James Tomedi. Like his multi-talented bandmates, James contributes much outside of his main guitar role, adding slide guitar, keys, mandolin, and kalimba to the new album's sonic arsenal. 

Burial In The Sky has just launched "Nautilus' Cage", the second single to drop from Creatio et Hominus.

Pre-orders for Creatio et Hominus are available now via Bandcamp.


"Tesla" (all vocals by ex-vocalist Jimmy Murphy)
"Nautilus' Cage"
"The Pivotal Flame"
"Psalms Of The Deviant"
"5 Years"
"Creatio et Hominus" (featuring guest solo from Brody Uttley of Rivers Of Nihil)

"The Pivotal Flame":

Burial In The Sky - Creatio et Hominus lineup:

James Tomedi - guitars, slide, keys, mandolin, kalimba
Zach Strouse - bass guitar, sax (all sax playing on the new Rivers Of Nihil)
Sam Stewart - drums, piano
Jorel Hart - vocals (ex-Cognitive, live bass for Wormhole)
Jimmy Murphy - vocals on "Tesla" only


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