CRADLE OF FILTH Frontman DANI FILTH Holding Live Facebook Q&A Session Today

September 14, 2017, a year ago

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CRADLE OF FILTH Frontman DANI FILTH Holding Live Facebook Q&A Session Today

Cradle Of Filth fans should stop by the band's official Facebook page today (September 14th), as frontman Dani Filth will be holding a live Q&A session starting at 8:00pm BST (3:00pm EST, 12:00 noon PST). Go to this location to take part.

In support of the upcoming Cradle Of Filth album, Dani Filth spoke with Duke TV about his Victorian influences, working with video director Artūrs Bērziņš, recording a cover version of Annihilator’s “Alison Hell”, re-releasing a remixed version of Cruelty And The Beast in 2018 and starring in the movie Baphomet.

As an occult specialist, Dani also gives his opinion on Gene Simmons’ devil horns trademark issue. Watch below:

Cradle Of Filth will release their new album, Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay, on September 22nd via Nuclear Blast Records. The album is available for pre-order here.

The new record was recorded at Grindstone Studios, Suffolk, UK by the very honourable Scott Atkins, esq. who has been the resident go-to producer for Cradle Of Filth for several albums. Dani sat in during the mix, serving up flaming mugs of teas, making the studio couch his own and lending his ears when necessary.

The cover artwork by Artūrs Bērziņš can be seen below. Bērziņš is the mastermind behind the new record’s artwork, photography and videography – best known for his defiant neo-symbolism raster graphics and oil paintings; postmodern interpretations of classic myths. He has been proclaimed as a “sacred monster of Latvian postmodernism”.


“Exquisite Torments Await”
“Heartbreak And Seance”
“Achingly Beautiful”
“Wester Vespertine”
“The Seductiveness Of Decay”
“Vengeful Spirit”
“You Will Know The Lion By His Claw”
“Death And The Maiden”
“The Night At Catafalque Manor”
“Alison Hell”

“You Will Know The Lion By His Claw” lyric video:

“Heartbreak And Seance” video:


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

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