CRADLE OF FILTH Guitarist ASHOK Hits The Studio - "He Begins His Perilous Descent Into Madness"

January 12, 2017, 2 years ago

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CRADLE OF FILTH Guitarist ASHOK Hits The Studio - "He Begins His Perilous Descent Into Madness"

Currently in the studio working on a new Cradle Of Filth album, the band checked in with the following update:

"Today, the tenth of January 2017, marks the start of Cradle Of Filth guitarist Marek 'Ashok' Smerda’s foray into the new album recording session at Grindstone Studios, Suffolk. Please wish him all the very best as he begins his perilous descent into madness over the course of the next two weeks, playing like a man possessed.

Ashok pictured here in very uncharacteristic not-buying-copious-amounts-of-beer mode on the Cradle writing trip to Brno, Czech Republic, in August last year."

Frontman Dani Filth recently checked in with the following:

"The album is sounding very elaborate, even now with just the drum arsenal and four guitar tracks laid down, calling to mind the bastard lovechild betwixt 2015’s Hammer Of The Witches and 1998’s Cruelty And The Beast. Prepare to be bedazzled, pummelled, bedazzled and pummelled once again when this leviathan rises. Also includes a Cradle-lized cover of Annihilator’s classic title track 'Alice In Hell', as personally endorsed by Jeff Waters."

Metal Hammer recently picked Cradle Of Filth / Devilment frontman Dani Filth's brain for his experiences with drugs, booze, violence, occult practices and... prosthetic limbs. An excerpt from the rundown is available below

Q: What is the worst idea you have ever had?

Filth: "That would imply regret, and life is too short – and I’m too short – for any kind of regret. But if I did regret anything, it would be starting the night with Red Bull and vodka. Or anything involving Red Bull and vodka actually."

Q: What's the strangest experience you've had with a fan?

Filth: "We did an album called  Cruelty And The Beast about Elizabeth Bathory, and this one fan was convinced she’d been Elizabeth Bathory in a previous life and that I was, of all things, this prince, her consort. Later we played in America and this guy organising the show was supposed to drive us to the Walmart but instead he went past it... then he started talking and I realised with horror that this was the girl’s ex-boyfriend and she’d obviously dumped him, believing I was her prince. I thought, 'Right, we’re going to some sort of field now with a shallow grave, aren’t we?'"

Q: What was your strangest experience during your black metal years?

Filth: “We were at a party in 1993 with Emperor and the drummer put his arm around me and confessed to killing this guy. It was a really friendly gesture – he’d obviously had a lot to drink – and he said he’d never told anyone else, and I didn’t know how to take it. A few months later he was caught so it was very strange. There were a lot of things in black metal like that – it was exhilarating but also revolting.”

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