CRASH MIDNIGHT Release New Single “Chinatown”

September 13, 2019, 5 months ago

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CRASH MIDNIGHT Release New Single “Chinatown”

Las Vegas-based rockers Crash Midnight have revealed their new single “Chinatown”. Stream the single on Spotify.

Album artwork photo by John Caruso:

Vocalist Shaun Soho tells BraveWords about the song:

“This was the last thing we wrote in Boston before moving the band out west to Vegas.  It's a song about bar fights and sultry nights in Boston's Chinatown District during a whirlwind summer romance between myself and a young lady who would end up becoming my wife, Bianca.  

“Back in the ‘60s and ‘70s that area of the city had been affectionately known as ‘The Combat Zone’ and you can still see a few remnants of that era in some of those leftover strip clubs, seedy bars, and Asian ‘massage’ parlors.  They're sort of dotted in there clinging for dear life as all the trendy restaurants and luxury apartments have moved in to clean things up.

“Spending some late nights running through those Chinatown streets, I started identifying with the area a little, I guess you could say.  The place I was coming from at the time personally was probably a little tattered or rough around the edges and it felt like this new relationship was pulling me up out of the gutter alongside a backdrop of that Chinatown District undergoing a similar rehab.

“Looking back on everything this band's gone through - and remember we started off this thing as five guys jammed into a small two-bedroom Boston apartment, just scraping by trying to make it.  Now we look out our window here in Las Vegas at the palm trees and pool weather year-round and, man, it's a tough call who's come farther, the old Combat Zone or this band.  

“We tracked it out here at The Hideout Recording Studio with our co-producer, Tristan Hardin, who really helped us capture the sound we were going for.  It's almost got a little Aerosmith thing going through it that I think does a cool job of closing the book on the band's chapter in Boston."

(Top photo by: Barton Anderson – Luxe 7 Media)

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