CRYPTODIRA Streaming “The Fascist’s Phantasy” Single

November 10, 2017, a year ago

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CRYPTODIRA Streaming “The Fascist’s Phantasy” Single

New York progressive death metal/post metal act Cryptodira have debuted a brand new track “The Fascist’s Phantasy”.

"Since there's no shortage of ways to critique fascism (nor should there ever be), The Fascist's Phantasy takes up this attitude from a specific social psychological view," says the band.

"The fascist is not only destructive outwardly in their political projects and their bizarre capacity to fetishize 'great leaders,’ but even self-destructive according to their own psychic economy. These self-destructive tendencies cannot properly be recognized by the fascist's narcissistic ego and to deal with this inner turmoil, the fascist copes by projecting this unbearable part of themselves onto the 'out-group' or others, which tend to be chosen along pre-existing lines of nationalism and eurocentrism. Fascist propaganda is shameless in exploiting these inside-out egos, promising them salvation or a 'final solution' while in reality only continuing a war which is fought both internally and externally. This is a war with no victor; fascism is a senseless and absolute loss.”

The new track and the two previous tracks "Medusa Misgendered" and "In Hell As On Earth" are all available on streaming platforms. The three tracks are also iTunes instant gratification tracks. Meaning, if you pre-order the new LP via iTunes, you get all three tracks as instant downloads. Cryptodira will release The Devil's Despair via Good Fight Music on November 17th. 

Drummer Matthew Taibi explains the band's thought process behind the LP title, "Much of The Devil’s Despair deals with the themes of dehumanizing social forces; forces which come from human activity and yet become confused for rigid, natural laws. In “Medusa Misgendered,” the trend being criticized specifically is the objectification of femininity under the gaze of masculinity, reversing the myth of Medusa as the title suggests. Even for the side that benefits from reification, there is still an unnecessary loss of substance and they themselves become a reflection of the very world they've frozen. This hits on the larger theme captured by the artwork, where the Devil himself becomes a victim of the demonic force of dehumanization which originally emanated from him."


“Constituted - I. Constitutum”
“Constituted - II. Constituens”
“Medusa Misgendered”
“The Gods Of Epicurus”
“Longing Belonging”
“In Hell As On Earth”
“The Fascist's Phantasy”
“Negation Consumes Affirmation”
“Negation Consumes Itself”

"The Fascist's Phantasy":

"In Hell As On Earth" video:

“Medusa Misgendered”:

Pre-order the album via the following links:

- Digital
- Physical

The band is hitting the road this December with The Number Twelve Looks Like You on the Nuclear Sad Nuclear 12th Anniversary Tour. Tickets are now on sale.  

12 - Voltage Lounge - Philadelphia, PA    
13 - Middle East     - Cambridge, MA    
14 - Ottobar - Baltimore, MD    
15 - Local 506 - Chapel Hill, NC    
16 - Backbooth - Orlando, FL    
17 - CrowBar - Tampa, FL    
18 - Gasa Casa - New Orleans, LA    
19 - The Masquerade - Atlanta, GA    
20 - Open Chord - Knoxville, TN    
21 - Mr. Smalls - Millvale, PA    
22 - Mohawks - Buffalo, NY    
23 - Brooklyn Bazar - Brooklyn, NY   

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