CUT UP Streaming Title Track Of Upcoming Wherever They May Rot Album

March 20, 2017, a year ago

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CUT UP Streaming  Title Track Of Upcoming Wherever They May Rot Album

This Friday, March 24th, Cut Up will release their sophomore album, Wherever They May Rot, worldwide via Metal Blade Records. Just as brutal as its predecessor, 2015's Forensic Nightmares, Wherever They May Rot offers a rougher edge and is catchier overall. The title track is available for streaming below.

Pre-order the new album, which features artwork by Lukasz Jaszak, at this location.

Cut Up guitarist/vocalist Andreas Bjornson comments: "Wherever They May Rot is an utter bloodbath from start to finish. We have managed to push the savagery even further than before, also broadening our sound without compromising one inch of aggression. Everyone has performed at the top of their game and the new songs are without a doubt the strongest we've ever created, reaching new heights in both speed and heaviness. We have sharpened our blades and the thirst for blood is unquenchable. The year of 2017 belongs to Cut Up!"

Wherever They May Rot tracklisting:

“From Ear To Ear”
“Necrophagic Madness”
“Behead The Dead”
“Wherever They May Rot”
“Vermin Funeral”
“By Hatred Bound”
“In The Aftermath”
“Master Dissector”
“Cranium Crusher”
“Raped By The Blade”

“Wherever They May Rot”:

"Vermin Funeral" video:

“From Ear To Ear”:

Wherever They May Rot will be available in the following formats:

- Digipak CD (EU)/Jewelcase (US)
- 180g black vinyl (EU exclusive)
- olive green-marbled vinyl (limited to 300 copies - EU exclusive)
- brass colored vinyl (limited to 100 copies - EMP exclusive)
- green/black-marbled vinyl (limited to 100 copies - USA exclusive)
* exclusive bundles with a shirt, plus digital options are also available

Cut Up lineup:

Erik Rundqvist - vocals & bass
Andreas Bjornson - vocals & guitar
Anders Bertilsson - guitar
Tobias Gustafsson - drums

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