DARK FORTRESS To Present High Class Reissues Of First Two Albums In November; Tracks Streaming

October 23, 2017, a year ago

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DARK FORTRESS To Present High Class Reissues Of First Two Albums In November; Tracks Streaming

On November 24th, German black metal act Dark Fortress will release restored and expanded editions of their 2001 debut album Tales From Eternal Dusk and 2003 opus Profane Genocidal Creations on vinyl, CD, and all digital platforms.

When approaching the cover artworks of both albums, which were painted by Kris Verwimp (Absu, Marduk) and newly-scanned in late 2016 for these reissues, both label and band were  surprised to realize that the coloring of the first CD pressings was quite different from the original artworks. In comparison, “Tales…” had a more distinct purple touch, whereas “Profane…” looked greener than initially intended by the artist. Thus with these reissues, fans get to see the cover artworks the way Kris Verwimp had envisioned them.

On the musical front, Dark Fortress' guitarist and renowned producer V. Santura (also Triptykon) took care of the audio restoration of these records: “The first album’s sound did not require too much work, but we got rid of some unintentional pauses which interrupted the natural and intended flow of the record on the original CD. However, I remastered the entire recording session from 1997 for the “Towards Immortality” MCD as well as the 1996 demo to make this new edition of “Tales…” a complete collection of our early years.”

The second album, Profane Genocidal Creations, recorded within a mere two weeks with iconic producer Pytten (Immortal, Enslaved, Mayhem etc.), required more work as V. Santura explains: “Of course the possibilities to adjust the sound in a remastering are quite limited (opposed to a remix), but at least we could open up the overall sound impression, make it less muffled and dry. Also the rhythm guitars seemed to bury every other instrument, now especially drums, vocals and bass get a bit more space.”

Dark Fortress also reveal more about the creation of their earliest recordings in the liner notes accompanying these releases. See below for an exact list of available formats and pre-order your copy now.

Tales From Eternal Dusk (Reissue 2017)

- Gatefold golden 2LP & Poster // limited to 100 copies – Century Media webstore exclusive
- Gatefold transp. magenta 2LP & Poster // limited to 200 copies
- Gatefold black 2LP & Poster
- Special Edition 2CD Digipak
- Digital album (2CD)

Listen to “Crimson Tears” below. Pre-order your copy here.

Profane Genocidal Creations (Reissue 2017)  

- Gatefold silver 2LP & Poster
- Gatefold dark green 2LP & Poster
- Gatefold black 2LP & Poster
- Special Edition CD Digipak
- Digital album

Listen to “Battles Rage In The Infernal Depth” below. Pre-order your copy here.

Tracklistings below:

Tales From Eternal Dusk:

CD 1
“The Arcanum Of The Cursed”
“Pilgrim Of The Nightly Spheres”
“Immortality Profound (Trilogy) - Dreaming... (Chapter 1)”
“Immortality Profound (Trilogy) - Throne Of Sombre Thoughts (Chapter 2)”
“Immortality Profound (Trilogy) - Captured In Eternity's Eyes (Chapter 3)”
“Misanthropic Invocation”
“Crimson Tears”
“Tales From Eternal Dusk”
“Moments Of Mournful Splendour (At The Portal To Infinity)”

CD 2
“Cryptic Winterforest”
“Towards Immortality”
“Emperor Of The Majestic Nights”
“The Mystic Medieval Times” (Demo 1996) *
“Eternal War” (Demo 1996) *
“Passing The Shadowgates” (Demo 1996) *
“Into My Deepest Desire” (Demo 1996) *
“Reborn In A Frozen Kingdom” (Demo 1996) *

Tracks 1-3: 1997 Towards Immortality EP recording session
Tracks 4-8: 1996 The Rebirth Of The Dark Age demo

* - bonus tracks only included on CD / digital album

“Crimson Tears”:

Profane Genocidal Creations:

“Defiance Of Death”
“Passage To Extinction”
“In Morte Aeternitas”
“Moribound Be Thy Creation”
“Through Ages Of War”
“Blood Of The Templars”
“Warlord (Face The Angel Of Pestilence)”
“Battles Rage In The Infernal Depth”
“A Fortress Dark”
“I Am The Black Wizards” / Emperor cover *
“Eye Of The Greyhound” / Unanimated cover *

* - bonus tracks only included on CD / digital album

“Battles Rage In The Infernal Depth”:

Featured Audio

SKÁLMÖLD - "Sverðið" (Napalm)

SKÁLMÖLD - "Sverðið" (Napalm)

Featured Video

LUTHARÖ Premiere “Unleash The Beast”

LUTHARÖ Premiere “Unleash The Beast”

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