DEICIDE Frontman GLEN BENTON On Former Bandmates Touring As AMON - "When You Don't Have The Original Singer, You Are The Official Cover Band"

September 6, 2018, 7 months ago

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DEICIDE Frontman GLEN BENTON On Former Bandmates Touring As AMON - "When You Don't Have The Original Singer, You Are The Official Cover Band"

Speaking with the Into The Combine Metal Podcast (found here), Deicide frontman Glen Benton topook a shot at former bandmates Eric and Brian Hoffman, who recently announced they would hit the road as Amon (Deicide's original moniker) in 2019 with the intention of performing songs from the first four Deicide records.

Benton: "When you don't have the original singer, then you are the official cover band. You wanna make yourself look even more stupid than you already do, by all means, go ahead."

Hammerheart Records announced in August that they will be teaming up with Amon featuring Eric and Brian Hoffman in the lineup. Amon was the band that changed its name to Deicide in 1989. When Eric and Brian left Deicide they resurrected Amon and released an album called Liar In Wait in 2012.

Hammerheart Records will release a new Amon album, will reissue the 2012 album, and also the legendary Amon demos from 1987 and 1989. Says the label: "We heard new songs, and they have the classic Amon/Deicide crunch/vibe, they are catchy yet brutal, they are quality death metal par excellence."

Hammerheart Records will also reissue all the Deicide albums that were released from 1990 until 2001. All albums will get a deluxe treatment, remastering, 2CD editions, bonus tracks (tons of never released recordings), LP editions (first time for some), digital, MC, merchandise.

The label continues: "The whole package, the whole deal, as done on Pestilence and currently being done on Malevolent Creation. This is a huge undertaking and we will start soon, and the whole project will keep us busy for 2018-2020 (do not contact us on details, we simply do not know yet).

"Upon releasing their second full length album, Amon will tour worldwide and we aim for a first year that will give all fans a full set of only old school songs, taken from the first four Deicide albums. This will happen in 2019.

"Both the Hoffman brothers and Hammerheart Records are confident the future looks very death metal once again."

Deicide return with Overtures Of Blasphemy, which sees the band return to their roots to create a stellar and uncompromising extreme metal masterpiece. The effort was produced by the world-renowned Jason Suecof (The Black Dahlia Murder, Trivium) at Audio Hammer Studios and will be released through Century Media worldwide on September 14th. The song "Seal The Tome Below" is available for streaming below.

You can pre-order the album at this location in the following formats:

- Standard CD Jewelcase
- Ltd. box with CD, metal pendant, sticker set and woven patch
- LP with 180 gram vinyl
- Digital album

The LP version is available in these vinyl colours:

- Black vinyl - unlimited
- Silver vinyl - limited to 100 copies, exclusively available at CM Distro Europe
- Clear vinyl - limited to 200 copies, available at various online stores
- White vinyl - limited to 200 copies, exclusively available at Nuclear Blast
- Transparent-red vinyl - limited to 200 copies, exclusively available at EMP

Cover art was created by Zbigniew M. Bielak (Ghost, Paradise Lost, Mayhem). Bielak comments: “If you experienced the death metal boom of the early 90s first hand, you know why Deicide's flaming logo was the ultimate threat in the sanity department. Working with Glen Benton was a great honour and a throwback to the time, when death metal aesthetics were at their vilest. Satan Spawn the Caco Deamon is alive and well.”

Benton states: "This album came together over time, meaning we didn't want to rush it. A few people might remember an interview where Steve Asheim (original member, drummer/songwriter) said 'the material is done, but it's just not there yet.' Well, that was the jumping off point of when this album truly started taking shape and the songs became what they are now... complete, compact and effective. As the band pushed forward, so did the writing process and a few other processes which made the record and the band stronger. The result is Overtures Of Blasphemy, perhaps the group’s strongest release to date. Jason Suecoff lended his considerable talents and attention to detail in making the tracking of the songs as great as they can be and the final mix as sonically brutal, yet as listenable as possible. An arduous process, but one well worth the time and effort."


"One With Satan"
"Crawled From The Shadows"
"Seal The Tomb Below"
"Compliments Of Christ"
"All That Is Evil"
"Anointed In Blood"
"Crucified Soul Of Salvation"
"Defying The Sacred"
"Consumed By Hatred"
"Flesh, Power, Dominion"
"Destined To Blasphemy"

"Seal The Tomb Below":

"Excommunicated" lyric video:


Glen Benton (vocals, bass)
Steve Asheim (drums)
Kevin Quirion (guitars)
Mark English (guitars)

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